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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ah Sa is not the spokesperson for 'Dream Gulong'

EEG confirm that Ah Sa is not the spokeperson for Dream Gulong OnlineGame! It was said that recently on the net, rumors spread that Ah Sa and Wu Chun would be the spokeperson for , EEG has confirm that they haven't cooperated with the related game company,therefore, they asks each fan not to believe the game related activityinformation. Also if anyone see any network reporting news about Ah Sa being the spokeperson, please post the news as well as the source in this thread, thanks.

credits: edisonlovescharlene @
taken from: mcleen @

PS: for those who are members at asianfanatics, CE fans, do not post this at CE AF Thread since this info is taken from WuSa AF Thread.. Thanks~

if this is true, then i`ll be more than happy! LOL~
it`s not that i don`t like Ah Sa, i just don`t like her to be with Chun..
(in fact, i think she has more chemistry with Mike He..Haha!)

confirmed, this info is true since it`s released by EEG..
and so, EEG or HIM might sue the company who that started this scam..

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