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Thursday, July 30, 2009

M-Zone Pictures











credits: Baidu shE

Wu Chun tries out Chongqing hotpot, for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums

Source SINA 
Translated by Elvenstar @

Just a day before, they participated in a big performance in Chongqing, the other members of Fahrenheit apart from Wu Chun, had to rush back to the hotel to pack their suitcase to leave the early next morning to return to Taiwan to film dramas. After Wu Chun returned to the hotel for a shower, he left through a side door of the hotel to accompany his mum1 to go eat a Chongqing hotpot.

Wu Chun while on stage said that after the performance, he would go eat Chongqing mala hotpot with his mum that came to watch him perform, so after the performance ended a lot of fans followed the reporters to find out the location of where Wu Chun was going for his midnight snack. The reporters were helpless to the request, but there were also a lot of dedicated Wu Chun fans who waited for him outside the hotel door.

Previously Wu Chun with Fahrenheit have briefly been past Chongqing several times, but this is the 1st time they stayed. Wu Chun said, when they got off the plane there were a few fans there waiting for them, he knew at that time they made the right decision to come, " Chongqing fans need us" he said "this time in Chongqing is the 1st time I've ate the proper mala hotpot, it's very authentic". After the reporters informed him, on that day there were more than 400 fans at the airport and that the airport had to completely change the security measures set up, Wu Chun felt very honoured and thankful towards the passionate fans, at the same time he was grateful for the airport staff for looking after them and hopes that next time they would be able to come to Chongqing again.

Also, Wu Chun revealed for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums. At present, he has chosen the photographer and the lighting staff and has even decided on the basic concept, the shooting should begin quite soon, and when the reporters asked whether or not it was a breakthrough with the scale, Wu Chun tried to avoid the question saying "I will not disappoint everyone, I will like it very much as well"

At present, Wu Chun will stay in Chongquing for 2 days and will return to Taiwan, on July 31st and August 1st for the last 2 shows of the Mengniu Concerts, the representative for the same company is the ever popular idol group S.H.E. They will replace Fahrenheit to complete the last 2 shows for the grand finale.

Translators Note:
1 Am not too sure as to who they are referring to as Wu Chun's mum as I know that his mum has passed away already...

After Wu Chun returned to the hotel for a shower, he left through a side door of the hotel to accompany his mum to go eat a Chongqing hotpot.

Chun` mother passed away already. Weird. Then who are they referring to as 'Chun`s mum'?

on July 31st and August 1st for the last 2 shows of the Mengniu Concerts, the representative for the same company is the ever popular idol group S.H.E

So Fahrenheit won`t be attending the last 2 concerts. But the reporter is wrong again, the last 2 shows of MN Concert will be on July 31 and August 2, not August 1.

Also, Wu Chun revealed for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums.

Chun, i`ll be waiting for your solo photobook! xD

The 3 Spas of Love Pictures

The book and the bookmark that comes with it.

The bookmark.. And oh, look at that little girl in the left side! so cute!

The upper left corner of the bookmark?

HIM said that the height of the 10cent coin is the thickness of the book.

credits: HIM

7 Magic - 7 Colours Flower Pictures




credits: Baidu Ella

i made this one!


gah, Ella is so pretty!!

Ying Shi Yi Yuan Magazine (featuring CE)










credits: Baidu Ella

Ahhhhh!!!! I was so surprised when i saw this!!
I wasn`t expecting something like this would appear because Ella is filming a new drama...
gah, I love it!! I really wonder what it is about. .

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ella Transformed into a Bullied Chibi-Maruko-chan

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Ella, who had not been in any drama for three years, was so enticed by the role of the down-and-out rich girl Yang Guo that she gave in to her acting bug. Since filming started, not only did she often bemoan the fact that while she really liked the role of Yang Guo and that she could act to her heart’s content, she also had to sacrifice greatly – not only had to suffer being burnt to a crisp under the 40 degree high temperature, she also had to sacrifice a great deal of sleep, even her image had to be sacrificed. Yesterday afternoon, the production team revealed to the media the amusing story of how Ella was transformed into a bullied Chibi-Maruko-chan in the drama.

The Scene of “Ella-Maruko-chan” Had Everyone Laughing

A yellow hat, a white blouse with round collar, a royal blue pleated skirt, white socks and black shoes…when Ella arrived to the set after the change of costume, she immediately had everyone on the set burst out laughing. Everyone unanimously agreed that Ella looked just like Chibi-Maruko-chan. Upon hearing everyone’s surprised responses, “Ella-Maruko-chan” shyly bowed to everyone: [Thank you! Thank you!]This scene was depicting Yang Guo imagining herself as a pitiful Chibi-Maruko-chan when she was being scolded by Auntie Qi (Zhong’s mother). Because it was supposed to be an imaginary scene, therefore, the performance must necessarily be more exaggerated and comical. The actress portraying the mother pointed a finger at Yang Guo and scolded harshly: [Look at you…this waist…aiyo, so thick that I don’t even know what to say…and this face…” Ella would put on various expressions such as pouting with her head bent low or squeezing all her facial features together or biting on a finger or looking scared. Her exaggerated cartoon-like expressions had everyone on the set painfully controlling their urge to laugh. As soon as the director yelled [Cut], everybody immediately burst into laughing uproariously, even Ella herself was bent with laughter. When she looked at the replay, the Chibi-Maruko-chan clad Ella asked the director with trepidation: [Director, is this OK?] Director Ke pondered briefly and replied: [I think there was too much detail, too scattered. Why don’t we do this one more time? This time, slightly more concentrated.] “Ella-Maruko-chan” wailed: [One more time! There really goes my image now!]

Off-screen Ella was the “Empress” that Could Read Palms

Just before the start of shooting the night scenes, the crew suddenly heard someone singing [Eyebrows as high as the sky, lush cheeks full of light]. It was Ella in a T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops, singing the theme song to an old Taiwanese drama [Empress Wu] and walking in with a slow and deliberate swagger. No matter how they looked at her, Ella’s “girl-next-door” get-up was simply incongruous with that of the almighty “empress”, and the crew started laughing uncontrollably. However, despite the laughter, Ella immediately enjoyed “Empress”-like treatment as Jerry Yan, who was sitting on a sofa memorizing his lines, obligingly took up a piece of wet Kleenex and started to wipe her feet.In the drama, Yang Guo’s father was a famous feng-shui master. Perhaps it was due to such influence that between takes, Ella became an amateur fortune-teller. She grabbed Taiwan actor Michael Zhang’s hand and suddenly exclaimed loudly: [Aiya, you have broken-lines on your palm. I heard that it is very painful when hit by people with broken-line palms.] As she continued to look, suddenly Ella grabbed Michael Zhang’s arm and started to gnaw on it. She even looked around in satisfaction while murmuring to herself: [Although you have a broken-line palm, your flesh is still quite tasty….]

Haha, Ella is really cute! And Ella-Maruko-chan way is cuter than the Chibi-Maruko-chan! xD

can`t wait for the 'imaginary scene' of Yang Guo and Auntie Qi!! :D

I-Weekly No. 613 (with translations)







credits: aiqi @ FE and Baidu Ella

Translated by syyang @

Cover: S.H.E Reveals Passwords
Who is most sexy?
Who has G-cup breasts?
Who was the earliest to fall in love?

S.H.E – Critical Time

A group for 8 years. From young girls gradually turning into matured young ladies. For 2920 days, we witnessed their growth, seen them release albums after albums, watched them laugh and make merry, and noted how they shed tears, unpretentiously without a care for their “image”, during concerts and variety programmes.

Just when we thought we have seen them all, never did we expect there is yet another honest side of them, unknown to us earlier.

The new book – [Spa of Love], which is about to be launched, is a pictorial book with over 70,000 characters. In the book, the trio will share secrets and thoughts unknown to many; and they will also bare their souls on some stories deeply buried in their hearts.

Beneath the demure disposition of Princess Selina hides an abundance of hilarious DNA. Although she might have fallen in love early, subsequent development was slow. She shared on many of her past romances in the book.

Under the aloof appearance of Madam XiBi Hebe, holds tension of unease akin to water at its boiling point which threatens to overflow any moment. Amidst her words, her real feelings were uncovered gradually.

Meanwhile, the optimistic Little Sunshine Ella, with flair at hyping and cheering up the moods of everyone, revealed on how she broke down due to untruthful media reports and also, her once suicidal thoughts.

i-Weekly will first reveal 8 Keywords to unveil the passwords to S.H.E’s lives.

Keyword: G-cup Breasts
Female Lead: Selina

Since young, Princess Selina was born with sweet looks and vocals. Thus, she was often named the “Belle of the Class / School” and her teachers and classmates would dote on her. Like fairy tales, she assumed that everything would be “happily ever after”.

*Coughs*~ But sorry to say, this is reality. Therefore even princesses have to undergo difficulties.
And it all boiled down to the fault of “G-cup breasts”.

When she was in Primary 5, she and her close friend were considered to be the prettiest girls in class and many girls would surround them to chitchat after classes. One day, someone actually said, “Do you know? XXX has got really big breasts.” As words travelled around, and the particular girl heard this, she burst into tears. The teacher who learnt about it was sure that Selina and her close friend were behind this and called them out to stand in front of the class during lesson.

“The teacher wanted the boys to go fetch 2 basketballs. Then we were to put the basketballs under our blouses. My close friend’s character was like H, who is very stubborn and hence remained expressionless throughout the whole ordeal. However I am different from her. My tears just kept falling onto my “bloated chest”, and I couldn’t hear a single word my teacher was saying… After we returned to our seats, I just leaned onto the table, and continued to cry and choke. I tried my very best not to cry, but my tears just could not stop. I cried so hard that my ears were blocked. At that very moment when you lost all sense of hearing, smell and touch, one would just feel so sad that you wish you could die at this very moment of shame…”

Keyword: First Love
Female Lead: Selina

A first love with unlimited “touch” element. Her first love was under the “care” of a gangster big sister, with a feel of 80% romantic and 20% excitement.

She and her little boyfriend were at the stage of an innocent relationship of “beyond friendship, but not yet lovers”. One day, during Home Economics class (or rather Art class? Princess Selina has forgotten), the gangster-like big sister in their class looked over at them fiercely while sawing a piece of wood, “Aren’t you both supposed to be together? Ever held hands before?” The frightened young couple who was startled by this immediately heeded her advice to hold each other’s hands, and as a result, their relationship upped by leaps and bounds!

As it turned out, they had mistaken the fearsome gangster-like big sister was trying to intervene in their relationship . Phew…

Keyword: One-Armed Superman
Female Lead: Ella

Her hero, may have lost a right arm due to workplace accident, but yet he single-handedly raised the whole family.

Initially she could not understand his anguish and thought he was merely bad-tempered. Until one day, she saw a photograph – her hero was staring into the camera. He was still handsome-looking but there was an empty look in his eyes. Suddenly she realized and empathized with his pains. From that day onwards, she often seized the chance to chat with him, and to cheer him up.

She only has this to say to her hero, “Father, do you know, you are the Superman in my heart forever! Recently I wrote a song. I wish to dedicate this song to him during Father’s Day this year. I wish to sing this aloud and let him know - he will always be mine, my One-Armed Superman.”

I have big eyes like you
I have big ears like you
And thick bushy eyebrows like that of yours too

You have a good wife
You have 4 good children
And a group of friends who love you dearly
Because you also love them so

My One-Armed Superman
You raised the whole family high with both hands
I wish to use the pair of hands you have given me to hold you tight
To let you know how much I love you

My One-Armed Superman
Our whole family is your devoted fans
If fate permits for us to meet in our next life
May I become the Superman
May I become the Superman to protect you instead

Keyword: Little Sunshine
Female Lead: Ella

She is talented, not only in writing, but also in drawing too. She contributed many sketches in the new book, all of which are self-taught. She was inspired and drew whatever that came into her mind. Many a times, colours and lines make it easier to understand a person than words.

Guessing, can be a joy too.

Sketches of Wired-Baby, Human Version of CJ7, Light-Bulb Little Flying Hero, Cartoon Version of herself…? Everything seems to fit whatever comes to your mind.

The little character in the sketch seemed to be inside a light-bulb. It has an image of a little Sun at its heart, a smile on its face, glowing in warm colours of pink and yellow. The sketching may be simple with untouched-up lines but it gives off a constant flow of warm energy.

She once said, “I hope that everyone’s comments about me would be positive. I like to hear positive comments from people, for instance - Ella is nice to get along with. Ella is very nice etc. Such comments will also motivate me to do certain things. Furthermore, being nice and doing good deeds makes me feel very joyous.”

The Little Sunshine in the sketching is perhaps, a reflection of her true inner self.

Keyword: Daybook S.H.E
Female Lead: Hebe

Amongst the trio, she leaves the most to others’ imagination. Relative to Ella’s bubbly-ness, Selina’s hilarious antics; her lukewarm attitude seemed to draw an invisible distance. Prior to the production of the book, she was actually very against the idea. She thought: Why should I bare my soul to others?

Despite so, she eventually gave in. Ella and Selina had done a “show-hand” to share on their first love and teacher-student love experiences etc, but she was insistent not to share on that. Relationship, sorry, that is a no-no.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to! Initially I was screaming in my heart I don’t want to write anything! Till the other day when I was at a friend’s place and saw the [Daybook S.H.E] released years back. I flipped through the pages and realized just how ‘irritating’ I was in the past! I was semi-reading and laughing. My friend felt that I had changed and grown up over the years! She said, - ‘ It’s not a bad idea to release a book! At least you could record a part of yourself during a certain period. This is unlike some people, if they do not write a diary, a lot of things and memories would just disappear one day! And they would forget about a part of their experiences over time. This is a pity.’ Her words seemed to add power to the already existing tug-of-war in my heart. I thought since I am giving in, I might as well do it happily. Thus, with a change in perspective, I adopted an attitude as though I am sharing with a friend in the book. Although I might not have any impactful stories, at least I could share on my healthy lifestyle and thoughts!”

Keyword: Iron Stomach
Female Lead: Hebe

Iron-stomach woman - Madam XiBi’s confession after over-indulgence in food and drinks.

“Who doesn’t like to binge on good stuff? I am no exception of course. Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body and live up to a hundred years? I would want that of course. But these are 2 conflicting issues! Self-proclaimed as one with an ‘iron-stomach’, regardless cold or raw, I want all my food to be spicy! My stomach can take soup directly from the Ma-La Spicy hotpot, but with a lack of care, I actually contracted Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) (based on online translator). The gastric juices caused my stomach no longer able to take in spicy stuff and even resulted in me no longer being able to drink anything with caffeine. Wah! This is just ‘fantastic’! I, being a caffeine-fanatic, suddenly find that life has almost lost its meaning for me!”

Keyword: Sexy Pretty Babe 949
Female Lead: S, H or E? Make a guess! (Answer at the end)

She used to sport long hair and with her demure disposition attracts hordes of suitors. Her class register number is 23, and her scooter’s plate number is 949.

Once, 2 of her seniors were interested to woo her and secretly called her “949”. Senior A knew she likes "Cathy Doll" and specially bought her one as a gift (based on online translator – image found of Cathy Doll - ). Meanwhile Senior B would often hide in the car park to steal glances at her.

One day, on her way home, she noticed 2 boys riding on their scooters, chasing after her. Angered by this, she stepped on her accelerator and picked up speed, leaving the 2 boys far behind. It was until much later did Pretty Babe 949 learnt that on that particular day, both seniors were really chasing after her, wanting to profess their love for her… Alas, an almost devoted profession of love ended just because of the misunderstanding.

Keyword: Gold-Attracting Heavenly Group
Female Lead: S.H.E

Since the trio entered the entertainment scene, SHE’s commercial endorsements have been on the rise and their skills to attract the gold-pot seemed to be getting more proficient each time. Other than taking on endorsements as a group, they also take on endorsements separately. Thus, not many artistes are their match. To date, before the end of July, they have already filmed 13 advertisements and earned over S$10,000,000, way above their limit in the previous year. They have overtaken Jolin Tsai and Angela Zhang to become Taiwan’s Number 1 Gold-Attracting Heavenly Group so far!

A Quick Look

1. Listing of Selina’s rumoured-boyfriends: Mickey Huang Zi Jiao, Show Luo Zhi Xiang, David Tao Zhe, Zhang Cheng Zhong… She mentioned her romances in the book but left out names. However she could not hide her sadness, as she revealed that her role in the relationships have been akin to that of a “maid”. As for the male lead, we wonder who would fit the bill?

2. When she was young, [Chu Liu Xiang*] was a popular TV serial everywhere. Little Ella once suspected her father was Chu Liu Xiang because each time the TV telecast of the serial started, her father would disappear. During then she thought her father had gone to act as Chu. It was only when she grew older, Ella realized her father had merely gone for his drinking session with friends then.

* Chu Liu Xiang is a classic period drama / novel character – suave, witty, highly-skilled, and chivalrous hero. Ladies are all mesmerized by him.

3. Ella likes Japanese author – Lily Franky’s autobiographical novel - [Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad] very much. Recently during a meet-up with the author, she specially drew a sketching of “Xiao Long Bao Lily-sang in Bikini” as a gift for him.

* Xiao Long Bao is a Chinese delicacy – soup in meat dumpling, which many locals and tourists, especially Japanese love to eat.

4. [Daybook S.H.E] is S.H.E’s first book released. The contents were separated into 3 sections: Daybook S.H.E, S.H.E Youthful Girls Show, and S.H.E Beautiful New World. The book documented on the trio’s growing up years and many funny experiences and their early romances. It also included many of their childhood photos.

5. S.H.E’s separate ventures to earn money. Recently Ella took on the endorsement for a sports beverage while SH and “East” Jiro Wong turned into “pirated version S.H.E” to take on endorsement for an online game.

Answer to Sexy Pretty Babe 949: Ella

~~ End of Translation ~~

Translated by syyang @

i laughed when i read the part about 'Sexy Pretty Babe 949' and Ella suspecting that her Father is Chu Liu Xiang!! LOL! xD