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Monday, July 20, 2009

Down With Love Press Conference @ Hangzhou (video vlips)

" There was the press conference of "Down With Love" in Hangzhou yesterday. Ella wore a sexy and cute tube dress that makes Jerry shy to look at.

Talking about the filming, Ella said Jerry always disturb her and make her laugh. She said Jerry is a comedian and he is naughty. He would make face when the camera is taking his back. He has a playful soul in his body. She calls Jerry as "Xu Xu" or "Jerry Baby".

Ella dressed up today and the reporter asked whether she is going to the feminine style. Ella denied and said the outfit is arranged for the conference by the company. She has no plan but to be natural. She is okay with feminine look. At this time, Jerry wanted to say something but Ella warned him. haha. Jerry then said Ella has a good figure. "

" There was the press conference of "Down With Love" in Hangzhou yesterday. Ella said Rong Rong (The actress who played Jade Liu's mother in the drama) is a very nice person and she will share something about her children and her travel with them.

Jerry said Ella is feminine. She is so nice that you could not believe there can be such a good actress. She is innocent and not complicated. Once they were filming late, about 2 or 3am, everyone was tired and I felt sick. Ella came and talked with him. Jerry felt like crying because it is lucky to work with someone like Ella. Also, he believes that Ella's fans are so lucky as they can find such a good idol in showbiz.

When asked whether they have a crush on each other. Ella said no. Jerry said he felt shy seeing her in this sexy dress. He thought Ella looks quite tall in high-heels. A reporter said Jerry's character is a bit indifferent in the drama. But Jerry could not hear clearly. He asked is that "lustful". hahaha In real life, Jerry has childish character that he would show his emotion on his face. Hence he found it easy to present the character as they are alike. Ella said he acts well.

The supporting actress, Chen Zi Han (who plays Jerry's ex-girlfriend in the drama), said Jerry has shiny white teeth. She thought Jerry is a sincere and passionate person.

Jade Liu takes part in the drama as a rich girl who loves Michael Zhang. She will fight with Ella for his love. Jade said the crew is helpful and she found acting interesting.

The filming was half completed and Jerry said he would miss the crew. Jerry admited that he has bad temper (joking). "

Translations by EiHa

i`m taking back what i said just now..LOL
i really felt happy and releived after reading the translations!

oh, i love this part!!
"When asked whether they have a crush on each other. Ella said no."
Ella said no. . NO. . NO. . NO. .
she said NO. . ok, too much N-O already..ahaha!!!

i`m not worried anymore.. i don`t care about the whisperings anymore..
they`re just friends and nothing else (:

Ella is faithful to Chun and Chun is as faithful to Ella..
we already know that~

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