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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dungeon and Fighter Official Release (July 15)

There are so many videos, but i`ll just post one (:

" This is the release of online game DNF yesterday. Selina, Hebe and Jiro presented as the spokesperson. Ella is busy filming in China so she is not with Selina and Hebe. But this new combination is still S.H."E" as Jiro's Chinese name "Dong" means east. Selina said "Ella, I'm sorry. But I love you." Hebe said Ella must be angry seeing Jiro wearing this costume as she likes to wear sexy.

Hebe said her pants is too short that it is almost an panties. She felt a bit shy but she did her part in the cosplay. She felt uneasy fhr a good girl like her as part of her breast was almost squeezed out.

Reporters asked about Jiro's rumour about him and Cyndi Wang. Jiro said he worked with her in a drama before and he thought she acts well. "

credits and translations: EiHavid

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