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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lyrics - Getting Lost 迷路 Mi Lu (Selina)

Mi Lu
Getting Lost (Official trans: Lost and Found)

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ceng jing yi wei ai shi rang wo yang wang de lan tian
曾經以為愛 是讓我仰望的藍天
I once thought love is like blue skies that I could look up to

sha sha fu chu le yi qie zhi dao yi shi le xiao lian
傻傻付出了一切 直到遺失了笑臉
I foolishly sacrificed everything till I lost my smiling face

ye ceng bi shang yan xiang shui diao xin di de pi bei
也曾閉上眼 想睡掉心底的疲憊
I have also tried to close my eyes to sleep from the weariness of my heart.

dang wo cong meng zhong xing lai ye xu ying gai fang xia cong qian
當我從夢中醒來 也許應該放下從前
When I wake up from my dream that's perhaps when I should be letting go off the past

Selina - "Getting Lost / Lost and Found" Full Song Premiere

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Quick S.H.E Update: Selina will be releasing her solo album sometime this year. Ella will also be releasing her solo album; she'll be recording at the end of 2014 and releasing in 2015.