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Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Selina Dream A New Dream] 《愛我的每個人 | Ai Wo De Mei Ge Ren》 Lyrics

English translation by Transition @
Pinyin translation by kimuchi08 @
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Ai Wo De Mei Ge Ren
Each And Everyone Who Love Me

tong zai yan zhong bian cheng lei zai xin zhong bian cheng hui
痛 在眼中變成淚 在心中變成灰
Pain, in my eyes it has become tears, in my heart it has become ashes

mei you shen me neng an wei
There isn't anything that can comfort me

pa bei shi jian bian cheng lei bei xiang xiang bian cheng bei
怕 被時間變成累 被想像變成悲
Afraid, that time will make me tired, turning what I have imagined to grief

xi wang dou bei fen sui
Hope has all been crushed

bu an you shi hui beng kui you shi hui yuan DUI
不安有時會崩潰 有時會怨懟
When I feel uneasy I would sometimes break down, sometimes I would enmity

Selina - Each And Everyone Who Love Me

credits: HIMservice

Such a sweet voice!!! I miss Selina's singing a lot! And this was a surprise to me! Never expected that she recorded a song :D And I'm glad she looking better and healthier! Her wedding/birthday is just days to go!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five more days before Selina’s wedding + Translation of Ah Dion's Book About Selina

Written by: imeisee on 10/25/2011 @
Source & Photo: Apple Daily

Five more days before the wedding of Selina and her fiancée Ah Diong; the organizers (H.I.M.) attempts to prevent the admission of media in the event, tables will be marked with guest's name. Yesterday, Hebe joked said that she have regret to help Selina in blocking wine, but maybe Ah Diong could help in drinking the wine instead. Hebe said: "How can he cover for the 88 guest tables?" Ah Diong’s book "God Chose You" have been released in the simplified Chinese version, there are fans on the internet who also translated the book into English, and Selina was very moved upon hearing the news.

Daphne "Bright New Life, Blossomes Perfectly" (pre-wedding celebration for Selina)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Never Before Seen Photo of Selina + S.H.E Info

A photo of Selina taken 3 years ago.
credits: Apple Daily

Translation by Transition @
The photographer especially chose Selina for this photoshoot named "Cake of happiness" because he thought Selina is the one in S.H.E, who doesn't have any worries and the one who is the most pure. In his eyes she is someone who would smile while waking up and also while working, someone who wouldn't have bad emotions.

The photo has never been exposed before. It was found again when he was preparing for the photography exhibition.

Some news

Selina has expressed on the wedding day she would like throw the bouquet to Hebe the most. She knows Hebe will panic at that moment and then Ella would have the opportunity to take the bouquet away from her, so she wants to get better so she can stop Ella from doing that.

Ella says she is a person who likes to mess with people but she wouldn't want to take something away from someone for real. Besides it would be embarrassing if she trips while trying to snatch it away. Ella also revealed her plans for next year she will release an EP and in May she will film a new film.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apocalypse Now - S.H.E Feature

A Look Back At The Ten Years, Ella Waits Silently for S.H.E’s Reunion

Translation by shyun_y @
Source: Hihoku

[Exclusive Interview by Hihoku] In Taiwan, S.H.E has been quoted as the female pop group that has great influence over the younger generation. The trio’s popularity in the whole of Asia over the past 10 years has been prominent. However fate has also taught them that being blissful is not always a given. Last year, the trio’s member, Selina (Ren Jiaxuan) sustained a bad burn injury while filming. This accident resulted in all of S.H.E’s work coming to almost a standstill, with little hopes of resuming. Nonetheless, the trio’s other member, Ella (Chen Jiahua), firmly believes that S.H.E will reunite on stage again one day.

A look back at the past ten years, this phrase would indeed mean a lot to S.H.E. Selina, Hebe and Ella were not even 20 years old then, and they were already grouped together by the record company. Since then, they have grown from total strangers, to “hostel mates” and having undergone many challenges together, the girls are now “family” to each other. Selina is well-known as one who likes to look pretty; Ella is forthright, generous and androgynous; while Hebe is introverted. In spite of the differences in their personalities, they could get along well with each other. And Ella would affectionately address Selina as “Lao Po” (lit transl: Wife), taking good care of Selina as if she is her precious other half.

My Love Autograph Session @ Taipei

During the event Hebe confirmed her concert on December 3 @ National Taiwan University Stadium. =D