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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear Selina, We're Waiting For You To Be Back (EngSubbed)

credits: kimuchi08


Video Source: HIMservice @
Translation by Betty @
Subbed by kimuchi08 @

Translation by Betty:

Narrator: Zhang Hui Mei


A long time ago
There is a beautiful girl
She is very good in singing
Good in behaving like a childishly child
Very sweet
The kind that when walk on the grass land, it's the sweetness that even the leaves will grown to dote her
She uses an unreality innocent to live on the reality world
She uses a naive smile to the unpleasant look of the world
One day
She was spotted by the world darkest evil witch
The evil witch was jealous of her kindness, her happiness
The evil witch said she was willingly to use all cost to take away everything of her happiness
After that, the evil witch hurt her...
But, the evil witch had never thought that
This pretty girl had escaped from this encounter
At the nick of time
The prince brought the treasure sword
Dash out of the blaze of flame and saved the girl out...
The evil witch is not aware that the beautiful girl had a prince like him at her side
And this prince has tens, hundreds and thousands of deeply love towards her
Using the power of his love towards her, combine it together
The prince's treasure sword had killed the evil witch for her sake
The prince's horse brought her back to the happiness world where she is belong to
The prince's armor protected her, accompany by her side to heal her wound
The prince's hands keep her company, embraced her tightly not to leave her side anymore
Although at this moment, the prince felt like dropping tears
The prince's pain was actually far worse than hers
After that, when the prince had waken up after a sleep
He widened his eyes, too shocked that he was speechless
Because it feels like at this moment, the beautiful girl's wounds have all recovered
The beautiful girl's tears had disappeared
The beautiful girl once more has this sweet-smelling fragrant...
She had started to sing, started to dance, and started to behave like a childish child again
Then, the prince once again smell the fragrant from her...
Then, the birds helped the beautiful girl to change her outfit into a snow white dress
Butterflies stopped at her body and trasnformed into her hair accessory
Squirrels helped her to tie a beautiful butterfly bow at her waist
At this moment, the palace's door had opened
Inside came out the wedding song and thousands of people's raising voices
The beautiful girl slowly walked in
At this day, she finally can marry the prince
Unlike normal brides, she don't lower her heads
She gave everyone her best smile ever
Unlike normal brides, she don't fall tears
She proudly uses her eyes to tell everyone that she had defeated the evil witch
Unlike normal brides, she do not have veil on her
Because she wants to let the people who loves her to know that
She is still beautiful, she has still the fragrance...
She still believes the happiness of the world


Hope that this little fairy tales story can help you to go through some hard times
Dear Selina
We all love you
We are all your prince


We are all waiting for you to be back

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ella teaches yoga to her juniors, SIGMA

Ella teaches yoga to her juniors, SIGMA
Written by: Zahra on 12/22/2010 @
Source: Nownews

SIGMA's Judy Chou (周定緯), Mrtting Li (李杰宇), and Tommy Lin (林維哲) headed for yoga class. They asked their senior Ella to teach a class for them. They didn't expect to have to twist and turn their hands and feet so much, and ended up crying in pain. Mtting Li's muscles were the most stiff and made everyone burst out in laughter when he begged for mercy.

Ella first helped them roll out their backs. Tommy, who has a background in dancing, got his body to the ground easily. Judy ended up being so sweaty that when Ella got near the mat, she could feel the warmth emitting from it, calling out, "This mat and back is way to hot!" But she did not expect that Mtting was the worst, ending up with his veins popping out before he even reached a high position.

Ella wanted the 3 to do half splits and then touch their fingers to their toes with their elbows bent. In order to achieve a pretty pose, they held the position for three minutes and then collapsed right after. Little did they except that Ella would call out, "You must switch sides!" Mrtting's eyes widened and said, "What? There's still more?" In the end, Ella referenced what Ren Ba frequently tells Selina, "Don't compare, don't argue, and be thankful," making the 3 SIGMA members determined to do their best for the group.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Selina Ren 'Appears' in the Public

Selina Ren 'Appears' in the Public

Although she cannot physically appear in the public at the moment, but the injured S.H.E member decides to shows up with her voice at least.

S.H.E's Hebe and Ella attended to a winter clothes event yesterday. Selina, currently in the hospital, specially recorded a message to fans:

"Hello everyone! Haven't see you all for more than 2 months, really miss you guys a lot. Although it has been tough these 2 months, but my current improvement is pretty okay...Christmas is coming up. It's a very joyful holiday. Like us before, I talk the most. We would exchange gifts in the past, but can't do it this year. Maybe I can exchange gifts with nurses. Have to thank those who support me. I love you all. Hebe, Ella, I love you guys. And all of my fans, I love you all."

After they listened to the sound recording, Hebe and Ella's eyes got teary. The two put a blessing card for Selina on the Christmas tree at the event, wishing the injured singer to recover soon.

After taking skin from scalp, Selina's hair has been growing out quickly. Although her legs are injured, but the optimistic singer expresses good that she already passed the age of showing off her legs. Last night she got on the wheelchair again and enjoyed a wheelchair ride in her room. "It has a feeling of shopping around!," she says happily.

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertianment

credits: phoenixzeng

Monday, December 13, 2010

SHE SHERO Remix MV Version 2

credits: kimuchi08

A different, unoffcial, SHERO Remix MV =D It still make me dizzy watching it but there's a lot of new parts. And, MORE ELLA!!! I love all her shots! She's just so cool and gorgeous! Love her!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

S.H.E cuts concerts and postpones album

S.H.E cuts concerts and postpones album
Written by: Zahra on 12/06/2010 @

S.H.EWith Selina still in the hospital, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that S.H.E's activities have been affected. Though Selina has been in the hospital for around 40 days and has slowly been recovering, she will not be able to get straight back to work. With last half of this year originally planned for their individual work, this incident has not affected the group's plans too greatly.

However, the two planned Mainland concerts in Shanxi and Hangzhou for February and March of next year have been canceled losing S.H.E around $6,000,000 TWD. Advertisements and commercials that have been renewed will only be featuring Hebe and Ella. In addition, they had originally planned to release their next group album during summer of next year. Since Selina will most likely not be able to do any recordings for a while, the album has been postponed.

According to their record company, there is no telling whether Selina will be able to return home by next year's Spring Festival. While her first three skin grafts went well, there is still much more to go, including training her facial muscles. Though she has cried out in pain from moving her wrists, Selina is still making progress on the healing front. Let's wish her the best and hope that the rest of the treatment process goes well!

Source: UDN

Ella accompanies Yani in LPGA

credits: kimuchi08

Ella and Yani
credits: Apple Daily

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chun said the sexiest woman is Ella!

credits: kimuchi08
source: CEFC, Baidu
Translation by Betty @

I love you Chun!!! You really remember all the details even if it's a long time ago already eh? Hehehe. XD I know, I know, ELLA is your one and only~! =)))