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Saturday, July 18, 2009

UFO Radio Feature of [The 3 Spas of Love] - Ella shares The Things That I Would Have Done

" S.H.E will share part of the content of their new book in the radio program this week. This is the final clip about Ella's sharing about "Things That I Would Have Done".


I know I am not a pretty girl since I was small. My wife (Selina) and Hebe are more beautiful than me. But I know that I am super cute. So I secure my position in the "cute group". No one can kick me out. At the same time, I know that I have the talent to make others happy. I think God has given me this ability and I like this gift.

I become a well-known actress after I joined S.H.E. I can accept people calling me a star but I continue my way of living. I would do something that I would have done in my daily life after work. What are those things? I don't know. If I am aware of it, it is not the things that I would do in daily life! hehehe You get what I mean?

The following content is from a blog, which wrote down something about me. (The blogger's word, reported by Ella are in quotation mark) I would like to respond to it. I admit that his story is real. He came to fix my car.

"Our appointment is in the underground carpark. She said the lamp is not functioning. As I am professional, I bought the lamp to the carpark and fixed it directly. When my client walked out from the lift, I found that she is Ella, the cutest one in S.H.E! I thought superstar would wear make-up when they go out..." Yes, I did not wear make-up and I even wore a short. And I discover that you (the blogger) looked amazed. "She is nice and wants to help." It is because you were busy carrying a bucket of water, changing the wire and the lamp. If the bucket was knocked over and spoiled the wire, you would have to fix the car again. "She has to use the car right after I fixed it and she asked me whether I need a ride. Oh my god! She drove me out until I reached my car. I felt so shy! She is very nice!" But you looked so calm and have no facial expression all along. You have so many monologs in your heart! "But her driving skill is not that good. The gear-changing is not smooth. The car halted a bit when she starts the car." Hm... No. It is beacuse I forgot that the gear stopped at BACK so the car halted a bit. It is not like I was afraid and I halted. My driving skill is great! I am the King of Car! This is what I read on the blog.

Once I have holiday and I hanged out with my friends in Pingdong. We sat in the railway station and chatted. A train arrived and a native couple got off. They asked me the direction of the exit and I told them. The husband asked me the location of a hospital. "That is far." I thought. His pregnant wife had a huge tummy that she looked ready to give birth in the next minute. They planned to ride a taxi. But believe me, as a local resident, I know it is impossible to find a taxi there. Let me give you a ride! Then they walked with me to my home and I drove them to the hospital. When we arrived, they asked me with a blush whether I am Ella from S.H.E. "Oh can you take a photo with us for memory?" they asked. I agreed. Later, I knew that they came to find their relatives in Pingdong. They kept saying thank you to me. If they like Pingdong more because of this incident, I would be happy. I hope their baby would be healthy and happy. This is nothing special for me. This is things that I would have done. Whenever I hear my friends saying "Um... I've thought about...." They do not act because they are afraid that their passion would frighten others. If this is something that you would have done, why you have to care about what others think? The worst case is being rejected. According to my experience, maybe they are a bit nervous at first, they feel happy to know that there are people who share the same thinking with them - to do what they would have done. I wish more people recognize it and go ahead to do what you would have done. "

credits and translations: eihavid

Ella, even if you say that you`re not pretty or beautiful, for me you are the most beautiful person i`ve ever met.. and you are super cute too! ^^

i remember reading that blogger encounter that Baobei shared.. does that mean she reads blogs? or maybe she goes to Baidu Ella, `coz almost all of bloggers encounters related to her are posted in there... Haha! xD

love the story that Baobei shared... very inspiring..
she`s always being true to herself.. (:

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