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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Selina Releases First EP on December 16!

Good news! Selina’s first EP will be released on the 16th of December, on the day of Selina and Richard's second banquet. The 3 songs included in the EP are composed by JJ Lin, Wang Leehom and Jay Chou respectively.

In this EP there will be a CD and one DVD, consisting of 2 music videos and behind-the-scene clip. (Translation by Transition @

Can't wait for Selina's EP! =D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

[Sodagreen 你在煩惱什麼] 《你被寫在我的歌里 | Ni Bei Xie Zai Wo De Ge Li》 Lyrics feat. Ella

English translation by shyun_y @
Pinyin translation by shyun_y @
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Ni Bei Xie Zai Wo De Ge Li
You Are Written In My Song

Song & Lyrics Composed By: Qing Feng of Soda Green

Part 1:

走过的路 是一阵魔术
zou guo de lu shi yi zhen mo shu
The journey I have once traveled is like magic

把所有的 好的坏的 变成我的
ba suo you de hao de huai de bian cheng wo de
Everything, no matter good or bad, has turned into mine

心里的苦 就算不记得
xin li de ku jiu suan bu ji de
The pain once in my heart, even if forgotten

都化作这目光 吟唱成一首歌
dou hua zuo zhe mu guang yin chang cheng yi shou ge
Has now turned into a vision, transformed into a song we hummed

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Info - Ella @ 2012 Countdown Concert Party

Ella will be at a countdown concert in Malaysia on December 31.

Hebe - Lu Yu You Yue Show

credits: htienfc

[Hebe田馥甄 To Hebe] 《我想我不会爱你 | Wo Xiang Wo Bu Hui Ai Ni》 Lyrics

English translation and Pinyin lyrics by karel @

Wo Xiang Wo Bu Hui Ai Ni
I Think I Won’t Love You

你的呼吸 还有你的声音
ni de hu xi hai you ni de sheng yin
Your breath and your voice;

你的呼吸 穿过身体
ni de hu xi chuan guo shen ti
Your breath goes through my body

wo lai bu ji fan ying
Before I can respond

你的声音躲在耳里 让我生病
ni de sheng yin duo zai er li rang wo sheng bing
Your voice hides in my ear, making me sick

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Selina Jen marries fiance Richard Chang in star-studded wedding

Source : Channel NewsAsia

TAIPEI: Judging by the turnout at her wedding, Taiwan singer-actress Selina Jen is still a huge star despite taking a break from showbiz after she got injured in a filming accident a little over a year ago.

Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou was on hand to witness Jen marry her long-time sweetheart, 39-year-old lawyer Richard Chang, on Monday in a lavish wedding celebration at a luxury hotel in Taipei.

And so were Jen's many, many celebrity friends.

Selina's Wedding Photoshoot Photos