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Sunday, May 23, 2010

S.H.E in Azio Entertainment (CE parts)

Translations by summersnow @

Coughing part.....

Patty: Based what is publicly known, e.g. Jerry Yan, Wu Zun..... so many people have been rumoured with her.... which one of them do you think is the most likely she would have sparks with

Hebe: I dunno.... have to ask her....

P: Wah!!!! If she replies this way, means that there is one!

E: I dunno...

P (to E): Who did you almost get into a relationship with?

S (jokingly): We don't really know her well in the past

H: We can't really comment...

E: We are sisters! Help me out!

H: Don't have.... none at all.... very focused with the filming of the drama, so none at all....

Someone mentioned "Chun" (I can't tell who).... then Ella started coughing

E: No lah.... just acting (referring to the drama)..... during the filming, we get along well, but once it ends... we are all friends, but do not keep in contact frequently

Hebe was asked about Ella's preference for guys....
She said, in the past, she prefers tall, good looking, good built .. those handsome, sunshine kind....
But now she focuses on the character and compatibility (character wise)

When asked about whom she contacts most with among all her co-stars
Her reply was~ Chun... but added bcuz they were from the same company
but clarified that they do not keep in contact from day to night... cuz they are both bz
Only when she sees him in the news, then she will contact him to show her concern
We get a long quite well.... good friends

Patty then asked: Is it ok to get married to Brunei?
Ella: Brunei's welfare is very good... the kids get free education up to the Uni level
Hebe: But they can't take alcohol
Ella: Very boring.... And if you try to bring in alcohol, u'll get jailed!
Hebe: Why are you so clear?
Ella: No lah! Ah Zun Zun chats with me

Narrative under Chun's pic:............. your guy (referring to the person who chose the option) not only must be handsome, he should also be caring

P (to E): Is Wu Zun really like that? Is the Chun you know like that?

E: He is considered caring.... very good to co-workers (referring to the backstage ones)

P: And he is rather mature n sensible

E: I think he has a rather positive attitude... probably because he has experienced the loss of his mother

As for "C" (all the 3 members of SHE chose C), he's Show.... ~ LMAO @ Selina's reaction.... the guy should be manly, have a sense of humour n decisive.... Patty also teased S about not wanting to take part in this discussion at all

OHMYGOSH. After a long time we finally heard Ella say her "petname" for Chunnie!!! She called him Ah Zun Zun!!! XDDD

Eventhough the subtitle they put in the show was "Zhen Zhen", @ 1:40 in the first clip I posted, if you listen carefully you'll hear Ah Zun Zun, and if you look closely you'll see the way Ella moved her mouth, it's really Ah Zun Zun~~~

S.H.E Top Girl Spring Fashion Show

credits: news sources

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SHE in Azio Entertainment

Note: Parts 4 and 5 are CE related ;)

Unofficial translation for the said clips: All credits to mcleen @ CEFC

Patty asked Ella amongst her co stars , who does
she has the most contact with (meaning the one that she oftens contacts and keep in touch) ,Ella said Chun ...huhuhh... . then I read the translation more, Patty asked Ella directly if it's ok for her to marry a Bruneian (something
like that , then Ella can't answer the question coz she was shy I
guess) . huhuhh..I love how direct Patty's questions is ..let's just
hope that we'll get to read the full translation later on ..I just
mentioned the part that I know ..there are more infos that I don't
understand ..huhuh .. ekekee... Patty seems to know something ,
remember just recently when Chun went to her programme , Patty
mentioned Ella's name too while discussing Chun's ideal girl
..huhuh..the one that we've just discussed on the previous page .. kay
Angels .. let's wait for the video and the proper translations
patiently ...

ok ...I really have to add this one ...huhuhuhh... in the programme , Ella also mentioned that Chun is someone who's very considerate and really treats his staff very well, .. huhuhh.. Angels
..I just can't help smiling now ... seriously!! and then Ella mentioned
something about Brunei , she said that in Brunei , people are not
allowed to drink alcohols , then there's one more thing that Ella
mentioned about the way of life in Brunei does she know
all this ehh ? ekeke..well , since she admitted that Chun is the one
that she has contacts the most..huhuhh.. then Hebe interrupted , "oh seems that you've already investigated about that.." ..

huhuh..ok , Angels ..the accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed
100% but I can say that it's almost accurate based on the usual times
I've used this translator ..huhuhh.. well , Ella is full of praises for
Chun , Angels
.... Chun is a very considerate man who has his own business and very
filial and someone who can mix around with Ella's friends circle ...

China Mobile Wireless Music in Jiangsu, Wu Xi

credits:; kimuchi08

SHE in Happy Camp

Muzee USB Endorsement

credits: Baidu ELLA

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Femina Weekly Magazine

credits: baidu SHE

Meng Niu CF Screencap + GIF + My Works :D

^look at that pout! So cute! Baobei looks like she wants to kiss Chunnie~

(credits to deviantart for the textures used)

I just thought I'd share my works in here also~ Hope you liked them~ :)

S.H.E's Success Story

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
credits: hes8311

Translated by Downwithloveella @
Please credit the translator and include this note if/when transferring elsewhere.

Part 1

SHE is the longest lasting girl group in asia,they're now stepping into their 10th year together. HIM's owner has discovered Ella, Selina and Hebe with very different personalities and background, from a singing contest organized by the company. Ella representing courage, Selina representing gentleness and Hebe representing confidence to form SHE. Girl group has never had longevity nor success in the industry, so no one forsee success for the group. However, their debut was meet with overwhelming success and surpass anyone's imagination.

Selina's dad: (1:27) I've always told that SHE that their raise to fame is like a helicopter ride. You have not suffered or felt any bumps along the ride to fame.

袁惟仁 (SHE music producer): (1:58) I agree with Selina's dad's analogy. There has never been a group that has been this successful and lasted this long, always coming up in top spots in music charts for the past 10 years.

Dennis (Hito Radio DJ): (2:25) SHE's acapella is probably the strongest in all of Chinese music history. Ella plays a signifcant role, because of her you can decipher Selina's sweet vocal and Hebe's high pitched vocal. SHE is still HITO because they sing really well.

Ella: (3.28) The singing contest was very simple, there were only preliminary, secondary and final rounds of the contest. At the time of when they held the preliminary rounds of the contest, I only came up with my brother to Taipei for fun. However, my sister and friends encouraged me to try this contest. The contest called "2000 Universal Talent and Beauty Girl Contest" was held by HIM and a television show. However, I was thinking that I'm not really the beautiful girl type so I don't want to participate. Also, that day was pouring and so I just wanted to give up because I didn't want to stand in the long line and get drenched. But my older sister called me to ask how I was doing at the contest and told Ella to get back into the line up for the contest when she heard that Ella wanted to leave. Because of that, I'm now where I am.

吳宗憲 (TV show host): (5:05) SHE debuted from one of my TV show "TV Citizen", the final contestants were organized to perform in the show. I've felt really bad for them because they're there to perform their hearts out but if they don't perform well, they will be eliminated and sprayed with dry ice (to bring ratings to the show). Ella has left a deep impression on me because she has only sang a few lines and were eliminated.

吳宗憲 (TV show host): (6:14) At that time, I felt that Ella was the best out of the group of contestants. She would do really well in this industry because this industry lacks her talent, mostly because she has made me laugh.

施人誠 (Record Producer): (7:00) SHE were meant to be stars. (Skip translation on S & H) I recall looking at the preliminary videos, Ella was very unique; tomboyish yet she has very beautiful features. They have this innate charisma.

袁惟仁: (9:04) At that time, HIM's owner did alot of homework and analyse past and existing groups to determine what makes the group successful including group name and the album's hit song. In their first album, 女生宿舍, HIM's owner was willing to delay the release and re-record the main hit song because he felt that they wasn't any powerful song on the album. The main hit song, "戀人未滿" was recorded last to fill in the gap that was lacking.

Selina: (9:55) Prior to using the group name SHE, there were HBO or 3C.

Ella: (10:06) Afterwards, they were looking at a dictionary to determine the names. They then chose our current name with meaning (courages, gentleness, confidence) linking to mythical characters.

Part 2

At the beginning, SHE talked about how they didn't forsee their own success as a girl group and probably would only release 1 album. They also mentioned how their friends didn't like the idea of a girl group. Here's where Ella jokingly mimics her friends reaction "HA"

Dennis: (1:01) talks about past unsuccessful girl group. SHE debuted during September 11 attack in USA, hence they received no media coverage of their debut. Yet they still became a success. During their experience in the industry, SHE went from fresh and naive girls, to knowing how to protect themselves, and are now finally genuinity, true to their personality. The crazier they get, the fans love them more.

施人誠: (1:50) A well respected reporter said that SHE will not last more than 3 album and so we as HIM decided to proof him wrong.
Selina's dad (3:02) At the beginning, I was very against HIM and against signing the contract. However, I am very grateful that HIM has made SHE from nobody into somebody. I am also grateful for HIM taking good care of them. After signing the contract, SHE had to live together for the first 6 months and that is how their friendship started.

Selina: (3:48) I was very nervous of the idea of moving to the apartment because I have never been away from home.

Ella: (4:06) I felt very pitiful because I came up by myself.

Selina: (4:10) You're really independent

Ella: (4:11) Pitiful!!

施人誠: (4:28) They've had to go through an adjustment period because it was a small apartment where they were living in close proximity. Ella is a very hygienic person while Selina tends to leave things lying around. Ella will start tidying after Selina while Selina might not see it as necessity.

Selina's dad: (5:13) talks about how he brought SHE food during a typhoon where the roads were covered with water.

SHE: (6:20) remembers their first autograph signing session and realize that they've made it to fame. They had already released their album for 3 months before their first autograph session. They've previously had a fan gathering during a typhoon where only a scatter few showed up. They weren't disappointed because they thought that was how it was with new artists. So during that first session, SHE truely realize their fame.

SHE raise to fame was too quick and before hitting their next peak, they went through some rough patches. During a show recording in 2003, Ella crushed her backbone while jumping from 3rd floor to demonstrate a fire fighters correct jumping position. Around that time, SHE and their songs were being critized for being mundane and lacking character. Hence, it start the rumor of SHE breaking up.

Part 3

In an interview, Hebe describes how Ella was suppose to be the first to jump from 3rd floor. When Ella wasn't able to jump, Selina decide to try and couldn't jump either. After much delay in recording, Ella finally jumped because she was afraid they've delayed too long and just wanted to get it over with.

Reporter: (0:26) Ella fell and crushed her back during SHE 4th or 5th album, all promotion of their album came to a halt. It was a low point in their career as Ella had to temporarily leave SHE behind to rest and the rumored spread.

袁惟仁: (1:05) Eventhough their songs might be mundane, their singing is quite good. If we were to package them like 張懸 (singing style - folk rock) or to put them into a non commerical music stream, it would really strange.

(1:30) Despite the criticism, their solid album sales proof everyone wrong and SHE's low point was sudden but short. 3 years later, rumors of SHE break up swirled again when Ella appears to suffering from depression and may retire from the entertainment industry.
In an interview from 2006, Ella says that she isn't suffering from depression, but she is feeling down.

Reporter: (2:15) Break up rumors actually started because Ella was filming, Selina was hosting, and even Hebe started to work in dramas. Around that time, Ella felt alot of pressure, so much that she wanted to leave the industry

(2:13) Since their debut and seen the changes in the industry, Ella felt very wary. Especially during the filming of Hana Kimi and preparing for their 2nd concert tour, Ella has felt the pressure of being her family's main financial support resulting in Ella emotional distress.

Ella (during 2006 interview): (2:43) I feel that I am happy today because there are so many friends supporting me and letting me know that I'm not by myself. Everyone is very understanding, they aren't blaming me and stigmatizing me. I want to thank everyone. (Cries)

Selina's dad: (3:12) God gift to you is so that you may learn and grow from you sufferings and failures. During this time, Ella could lean upon SHE to share, to comfort and to provide reassurance.

吳宗憲: (3:52) I think that they work better together in a group, if SHE were to separate, I don't think they would have succeed especially in such a competitive market in those days. Now that they've formed a solid SHE, their strength is undeniable.

(4:56) Individual members of SHE has their individual personalty, Ella's tomboyish character puts people at ease, some would describe her as angel because she would always bring warmth and laughter to people around her. (Skip S and H) Let's take a look at SHE behind the sceens.

王治平: (5:56) What you see is what you get with SHE, they are the same in front and behind the scenes.

Part 4 and 5 will not be translated as it is not regarding Ella

Part 6:

(0:02) Ella comes from the Pingtung county of Taiwan, like the weather of Southern Taiwan, Ella has a very friendly and outgoing personality. Ella's father originally wanted her to study in the medical field and become a pharmacist; instead Ella became a singer by accident.

Scriptwriter: (0:40) Ella is very easy going, whenever Ella is on the set, everyone is happy. Why? Because she will create good working atmosphere by being the life on the set.

王治平: (1:05) Ella has a simple nature that is typical of people from the rural Pingtung area. She is very kind-hearted/compassionate and very loyal to her friends.

施人誠: (1:24) Ella grew up in a vibrant family environment because her mom is a very lively person. Her parents didn't demand high marks on their education as long as they passed. They felt that character of the person was more important. They had also wanted their kids to grow up happy and cheerful. I've heard that Ella's mom knew when Ella would return home from school because she would sing all the way home.

(1:56) All 3 generations of the Chen family lived together under one roof, Ella grew up in a close knitted family. Her father is the household's main fiancial provider. However, after the birth of Ella's eldest sister, her father lost his right arm in a work related accident. From then on, Ella's father used one arm, via farming and raising pigs, managed to raised his 4 children (Ella is the 3rd child). Ella says that her father held the family together despite his disability. When she was little, she failed to recognize his handicap.

Ella (recorded for promotion of SHE's book "愛的三溫暖"): (2:19)
When a person loses their arm, they will also lose a part of their themselve.
Not knowing this, we had thought that he (Ella's dad) is very hot-tempered, thus we ended up being closer to my mom.
One day, my dad said:"All of you must be ashamed of me because I only have one arm."
I was very surprised by what my dad was thinking.

(2:52) Ella and her siblings understand their parent's hardship. So when they've signed the contract with HIM, Ella must travel long distances by herself to Taipei for recording and physical training every weekend. Despite the exhaustion, Ella didn't mention a word, she just hope that she would be able to help out with the family's financial situation.

(3:25) After a year of training, they've finally debuted as SHE. However, Ella hasn't prepared herself mentally as a music artist and didn't hide the fact that she had a boyfriend at the time.

施人誠: (3:42) I remembered that during SHE's promotion of their 1st album, a reporter casually asked whether the members of SHE has a boyfriend. At the time, we haven't gotten around to teaching them how to reply because we've thought that they were still young. So when the reporter asked, Ella naturally responded:"Yes, he's down in the audience." HIM team were scratching their heads and thinking can SHE respond that they have a boyfriend. Some reporter thought it was a cover up because there were debates over Ella's sexual orientation at the time.

(4:28) Ella's unpretentious personality and responsible nature smoothed her path in the entertainment industry, thus she has done well for herself in both her music and dramas. Ella's was nominated for her leading role in 真命天女 at the 2006 Golden Bell Award.
Scriptwriter: (4:46) We're already very happy when an artist takes responsibiltiy for their own role but Ella goes beyond the call of duties. She not only takes her role seriously but will also take care of others. Despite the fact that she is out of the camera's shot, Ella will stay and accompany you on set, act with other actors and respond to their acting. Most actors with her fame would go rest when others are acting, hence she is a great help to the director. Sometimes when the working atmosphere isn't the greatest, no one wants to jump in and liven it up, Ella will jump in and bring life to the set. Ella is really special. (Scene from "The Rose") Those that have observed her closely, we sometimes feel that she may become a director in the future. All jokes aside, she is very serious about what she does. There was a time when Ang Lee (director of hidden tiger, couching dragon and broke back mountain) came and gave a lecture, Ella sat in the front row and took detail notes. I believe that Ella can act well in dramatic roles that would require intense, internal emotions.

Ella: (6:50) In our first drama "愛情大魔咒", we knew absolutely nothing about acting and had no training what so ever. We were stunned when we learned that we had to act in the drama the next day. My OS (internal thoughts), "We're dead, we don't know how to act and how to memorize our lines. What should we do? Finally, I thought to myself that if you go do it, you will learn how to do it in the process. Similar to the analogy that a mother doesn't know what to do until she is a mother." During a show promoting our 2nd album, the show interviewed a few people we've worked with including the director from "愛情大魔咒", he told me to keep it up because Ella is an innate actor. Because of his words, it has really encouraged me and started my love of acting.

(7:57) Despite her hilarious exterior, it is just a facade of a soul that seeks for approval. She has found success and satisfaction in her acting. But also because of co-starring with these handsome male actors, it has also created alot of rumors regarding Ella's relationship with them.

Reporter: (8:25) Within the members of SHE, Ella has acted in dramas the most. Most of her rumored boyfriends arised from working in idol dramas together including Wu Chun and Baron Chan. In both these rumors, both parties (male and female) hasn't come out to acknowledge the authenticity of these rumors.

Hebe: (8:47) Wu Chun is a handsome guy and Ella likes taking care of handsome guys.

Selina: (8:50) We haven't visited Ella on set, so we really don't know what is happening on set.

Reporter: (8:55) Regarding her relationships, Ella has previous said that she doesn't want to lie to others. So Ella has never acknowledge nor deny the rumors whether she's had a relationship with them.

Color Magazine (May 2010 Issue)

credits: Baidu CE/ CELC