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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Selina Jen tears up while recalling film accident

Member of popular Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, Selina Jen talked about her film accident at a radio station's promotional event.

Selina revealed that she has a new nickname after the incident, "fire phoenix", which signifies that she will become a stronger and brand new self after her injury.

The singer also commended her co-star, Ham Yu's bravery for returning to the scene of the accident. Ham suffered severe burns previously but has gradually recovered.

When asked if she had the courage to do the same, Selina broke down in tears uncontrollably. Group members Hebe Tian and Ella Chen immediately consoled, "We should always look forward in life."


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lyrics - Flowers Have Blossomed Again 花又開好了 Hua You Kai Hao Le

Hua You Kai Hao Le
Flowers Have Blossomed Again

曲: 西樓  Composer: Xi Lou
詞: 五月天阿信/南瓜 Lyricist: Ashin at Mayday/Nan Gua

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zhong yu si nian de ren xiang ju zhong yu suo you de shang quan yu
終於思念的人相聚 終於所有的傷痊癒
Finally the people that you miss have gathered, finally all the injuries have healed

hua you kai hao le zhong yu xin you chang man le yong qi
花又開好了 終於 心又長滿了 勇氣
Flowers have blossomed again, finally, heart has been filled with courage again

kan yi chang dian ying zhu jiao shi zi ji dao fang zhe ren sheng de suo ying
看一場電影 主角是自己 倒放著人生的縮影
Watching a movie where the main character is myself, rewinding the epitome of life,

S.H.E - HitFM Radio Event

S.H.E - Flowers Have Blossomed Again 60s MV Preview

credits HIMSHERO

Friday, October 12, 2012

S.H.E - HIM Renewal PressCon + S.H.E Album Info

S.H.E has renewed their contract once again and I hear that they are also shareholders now.

They announced that the title of their 13th album is "花又開好了 / Flowers Have Blossomed Again".
Pre-order starts on October 31 (Selina's birthday!!!)
Album release will be on November 16