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Friday, December 23, 2011

Selina Jen auctions her latest album

The Taiwanese singer raised S$4,700 for burn patients

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen released her new album Dream Another Dream on Dec 16.

A week before its release, Selina arranged for 50 copies of her albums to be autographed by her and put up for an online auction, with hopes of raising money for burn patients at the Sunshine Foundation.

On the day of the auction, the highest offer was NT$5,200 (S$200). All the albums later raised a total of NT$111,830 (S$4,700).

A few days ago, when Selina returned to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for a checkup, she realised that many doctors and nurses had bought her album and distributed them to the patients, to motivate them.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hebe & Ella - Hayao Miyazaki Exhibition

[Selina Dream A New Dream] 《重作一個夢 | Zhong Zuo Yi Ge Meng》 Lyrics

English translation by Transition @
Pinyin translation by kimuchi08 @
Please credit the translator if/when transferring elsewhere and include this note.

Zhong Zuo Yi Ge Meng
Dream A New Dream

mei ren xi huan hong deng
No one like red light

zui hao ke yi chao che
It would be good if we could overtake

wo men dou hao xiang can sai zhe
We are like contenders

ben pao guo dang ran yong you guo kuai le
If we have been on race before of course we have had happiness

dan ling hun ye hui e
but the soul will also get hungry

Selina's 2nd Wedding

Friday, December 16, 2011

Selina Ren's Wedding Round 2

Source: UDN
By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Selina Ren and husband Richard Chang held another wedding banquet in Changhua yesterday. The first one was held in Taipei earlier. This time in husband's hometown, S.H.E reunited again and sang together and Ella also rapped. The bride was wearing a dress with crystals and was smiley all night.

Because Selina still cannot stand too long, she sat most of the time throughout the night. She was carefully taken care of by husband. He fixed her dress and held her when it was necessary, proving to be a caring husband.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Selina [夢] Official Music Video

[Selina Dream A New Dream] 《梦 | Meng》 Lyrics

English translation by Transition @
Pinyin translation by kimuchi08 @
Please credit the translator if/when transferring elsewhere and include this note.



xin tong de BA hen ji yi de shang hen
心痛的疤痕 记忆的伤痕
The scars of heart-pain, the wounds of memories

qing wen zen yang cai neng bu hen
请问 怎样才能 不恨
May I ask what I'll have to do to not hate

ru guo wo jian qiang ru guo wo kai lang (wo bu yao jian qiang wo bu yao kai leng)
如果我坚强 如果我开朗 (我不要坚强 我不要开朗)
If I'm strong, if I'm out-going, (I don't want to be strong, I don't want to be out-going)

qing rang wo xiang cong qian yi yang
please let me return to how I was before

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Selina - "Dream" Hit FM Premiere

Ella - Perfect Two Official Trailer

The movie looks good but it's obviously focused on the relationship of Vic and XXB's characters. Ella probably won't have much scenes in the movie...

Most movies have 2 trailers so I hope that if they do have a 2nd trailer for this movie, more scenes of Ella please! :) She only appeared twice and spoke two lines in this trailer...

Dialogue translation
Perfect Two Official Trailer 6 Dec 2011
Translation by sytwo @ VIC/ AF

Vic Chou Zaizai : Ah-B
Ella Chen: Ma-Niu
Xiaoxiao Bin: Bin-bin
Tang Zhen Ru: Ah-B’s uncle
Yang Mi: Fang Jia Wei (Ah-B/ Zaizai’s ex-wife)
Ding Sha-sha: Ma-niu’s (Ella) little sister

Vic Chou : Hey, Fang Jia Wei, where are you? Come back here!
Ella : She doesn’t want you anymore, you are still not giving up?
Ah-B’s (Vic) uncle : Have you started to paste the “Missing person” posters again?
Ella: I am not your wife, but I wash your clothes and cook for you every day. What are you treating me as? A maid?
Ma-niu’s (Ella) little sis : (crying) Good-hearted person will be blessed….

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hebe - To My Love After Concert Party

Vic Chou wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, Ella praises boyfriend

Friday December 2, 2011 Taiwan
Source : Epoch Times
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

Taiwan film "Perfect Two” (English title for Match Made in Heaven”) Director Chu Yan Ping and actor Vic Chou (Zaizai), Chen Jiahua (ELLA) and Xiaoxiao Bin went to TV program "SS Hsiao-yan Night " for promotion. Vic Chou said that he wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, so no chance to have a child yet. Chang Hsiao-yan praised Vic, that he has become more mature, looking very much like the young Tony Leung. Director Chu also agreed and felt that from his eyes one can see that Vic has grown up. He said with a laugh: “Previously when filming "Yi Yu” (Foreign Land) , actor Tuo Chung Hua has just split-up from his girlfriend, so his eyes naturally exudes a tremendous sense of change. The eyes of Zaizai (Vic) also has this sense of great change, but do not know if he went through a break-up. "

Director Chu Yan-ping teased Chen Jiahua (ELLA) who is now in love, saying: "But ELLA’s eyes did not have that feeling (of great change), her eyes are full of brilliant happiness and blinded me, so I told her to restrain it a bit." Sitting beside him, Chen Jiahua (Ella) turned shy and asked the director not to make fun of her. The host Chang Hsiao-yan praised her, saying that Chen Jiahua is a considerate girl and hopes she can also find a very considerate boy, and then asked if her current boyfriend is good. Ella was very happy and gave a thumbs-up saying: "Give him a praise, a GOOD, an affirmation. "

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Selina Ren Makes Surprise Appearance at Hebe Tien's Concert

Sister love forever!

S.H.E's Hebe Tien held her celebration concert last night in Taiwan. Already said she would show up at the concert, Selina Ren indeed made an appearance except she and husband Richard were hiding within the crowds. The singer was in good shape the whole two hours. She couldn't hold her tears when she heard Hebe sang "You."

Very thankful for Selina's appearance, Hebe praised her as very optimistic. She later made Selina cry again: "Wifey, I Love you and thank you so much."

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: UDN

Hebe - To My Love Concert @ National Taiwan University Gymansium

On the first night, Ella was a special guest and performed "Wo Jiu Shi Wo" (Ella's boyfriend, Alvin, was seen at the concert and so we assume that they came together. They sat far away from each other though). Selina also appeared via a VCR.

On the 2nd night Selina was at the concert! :D Along with Ah Diong and Ren Pa (not sure if Ren Ma was there). Selina cried when Hebe said "I love you."

I think her concert was a success! Envy those who were there. I really love her intro, where she sang John Lennon's "Love" while playing the piano! :) Hebe also got teary while singing "Shadow's Shadow".

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ella Chen reveals how she fell in love with boyfriend

The Taiwanese singer let on that she started to develop feelings for her current beau after he touched her leg
Source :

It appears that S.H.E member Ella Chen may be next in line for marriage.

Earlier in July, it was rumoured that the singer will be marrying her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Ng next March.

Yesterday, while promoting her new movie Perfect Two 2012 with actors Vic Chou and Xiao Xiao Bin on talk show Here Comes Kang Xi, Ella opened up on her relationship with Alvin, after much demand from host Dee Hsu.

Dee's partner Kevin Tsai then reminded Dee that Ella had specifically requested them not to ask her any questions related to her relationship before the recording.