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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Couple Watch: Bell & Ross

Ella wearing the B&R watch during DWL Hangzhou PressCon, July 19


Chun wearing the B&R watch when he arrived at Guangzhou (for the MN Concert), July 23


Ella wearing the B&R watch (again) during the Luna Event at Shanghai, July 24


credits to me for the 2 Ella pictures and Joy @ CEFC for the Chun screencap

gahd! they`re wearing it!!! waaa~~~ i`m so happy!!
and Ella is also wearing the same "new" bracelet she wore during the DWL PC.. we`re yy-ing that it`s the BD gift from 'Honey'... ehehe^^

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  1. I also like Ella,and i listened her songs for several years.her voice is beautiful.