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Friday, July 17, 2009

Jerry Yan Busies With Filming, Cheers Ella to Relax Her

Lin Chiling & Jerry Yan Coincidentally In Hang Zhou Sparks Speculations by Media


(Summary: Lin happened to be in Hang Zhou, China for a commercial shoot, whereas Yan was in Hang Zhou to film GTV’s [Down With Love]. This coincidence sparked off media speculations that the couple was there to “secretly
meet up” with each other. To this, Lin’s artiste manager clarified that Lin was in Hang Zhou to work.)


Jerry Yan Busies With Filming, Cheers Ella to Relax Her

Recently, Jerry Yan was busy with filming under the scorching heat of 40 Degrees Celsius in Hang Zhou, China. According to sources, he really underwent a total change in his personality and was observed to enjoy a good relationship with co-star, Ella. After filming one day, he happily carried Ella in his arms and turned several rounds. After putting her down, he could hardly regain his balance and even ended up squatting down on the ground. Despite the hot weather, both of them enjoyed themselves tremendously playing happily.

Translated by syyang @
Scanned picture credits: mcleen @ and mamy @

Chun will be very very jealous if ever he reads this news..
i wonder why Jerry suddenly carried Ella..
Jerry, be careful! keep your hands away from Baobei Ella or 'someone' might get jeaous~

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  1. Philippines is non-chinese speaking country but the F4 especially Jerry Yan manages to break the barrier. It was definitely Meteor Garden which started the invasion of asian series in our country, and so I really, really love jerry yan. As with Ella, i'm not really familiar with him but I do see that they have a certain "chemistry" and so i'm really looking forward to ABS-CBN network showing this. PLease let us all pray for that!