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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chun mentioned Ella during the Ponds Event in GuangZhou

Translated by minchong92 @

On June 27th when Wu Chun was in Guangzhou interviewing with reporters, he brought up the rumors he had previously had with S.H.E's Ella. Wu Chun graciously admitted that Ella is his closest friend in the entertainment circle. He also stated that he would recommend to her the PONDs products he sponsored. Ella, who has an outgoing personality, has many good male friends in the entertainment circle. But Wu Chun's preference and care towards Ella can be considered one of a kind.

A different translation:

Translated by babyval22 @

The other day when he was in Guangzhou, Wu Zun took the initiative and mentioned about the person who has ever has rumours with him, his senior, S.H.E Ella. Wu Zun admits openly that Ella is one of his best friends in the entertainment circle. He even claimed that he wants to recommend the product that he's endorsing, Pond's product to her. Ella, whose character is loud and animated, has many male good friends in the entertainment circle. However, it can be seen that Wu Zun's preference and care for her is unusual(i have no idea if one of a kind or unusual is a better word for 非同一般).

News Clip:
credits: ChunElla1810

Translated by babyval22 @

Translations start from 27sec

Chun: Among all those that i worked with? It should be S.H.E Ella ba. Right. You can't tell right? That's right ar, because she, because that time we worked together, and then the both of us will frequently... for example, we're from the same company, and then i'll often hear her talk about her buying...buying what cosmetic or skin care product, these sort of things.. right..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ella celebrates her birthday in USA

credits: news sources

S.H.E Goes to the US, Ella Tries Her Luck On Her Birthday

S.H.E Goes to the US, Ella Tries Her Luck On Her Birthday
Source: NowNews
Translated by: KAY @
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After a vacation in Bali Island, S.H.E flied to Connecticut, USA for their concert. Ella and the crew arrived there a day early. Ella specially went into the casino to try her luck, she even told the dealer: "Be nice to me. Today is my birthday." But in the end she lost more than 3000 dollars. She stopped immediately and went to enjoy seafood in a lobster restaurant.

Because the casino isn't far away from Boston, which produces seafood in abundance, birthday girl Ella and her colleagues ordered a lobster meal right away, plus raw oysters and crab legs later on. Ella joked: "I ate about 6 or 7 raw oysters, they're really delicious."

Selina and Hebe arrived at the hotel at 11PM-ish. After they dropped their luggage, they ran to the room across Ella's and ordered three bottles of champagne and cake, ready to give Ella a surprise. In fact, Ella had been waiting for them to come already. She didn't dare to move nor take a shower, afraid when Selina and Hebe come, she won't be there.

Ella once complained in her heart: "Really waited for a long time, how come they still didn't come? Already took this long to fly to America and won't even come to say happy birthday to me." At the end, the three celebrated happily before 12AM. Ella's birthday wish this year is very practical: one, hope her grandpa can get better and return home really soon; two, hope everyone around her is in good health and is safe; three, hope the two wishes she made previously come true.

Fans also gave their blessing to Ella. Besides giving Ella a birthday cake they made and donation receipts, fan club also paid billboards in Taipei and Shi Lin night street to celebrate birthday for Ella. As for this, Ella said: "This year's birthday is very special, I celebrated it for 48 hours. Thank you all's caring and also thank you for loving me, I'm really touched."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

[20.06.10] Ella updates her Micro-Blog


剪刀! (Scissors!)

石頭! (Stone!)


讚! (Approve)


真面目!啊~~~~~~出現了啦! (True! Ah~~~~~~ There it is!)
Quote's Hebe's message: "老婆在教加滑使用微博! 而我一定要讓加滑露面,而不只是手腳一直say hi!" (I really don't get what H said but I think she said Wife/S is teaching Ella how to use Micro-Blog. Then Hebe said to Ella that she must post picture of her face not just hands and feet.)

clean的指甲,開心!clean clean!! (clean fingernails, happy! clean clean!!!)

Ella's Message:

沒錯,白邊out! //@田喜碧Hebe:指甲剪乾淨的人最棒了! 大家都要這樣喔!要慎防白邊! 白邊是我們的敵人! 殺它個片甲不留!
(Now this one, I can't really understand what she said. But it has something to do with her nails being clean. LOL..)

taken from Ella's Micro-Blog:

Since Ella only have short messages, I tried doing rough trans of them. :D

Ella is so cute! I'm glad she finally updated her blog. Hahaha! I'm gonna reply to her posts now. X)

S.H.E celebrates Ella's birthday in US + Hebe's blog msg

Translated by wyn0602 @

加滑!生日快樂! 三人趕在6.18結束之前相聚慶生。 超開心! 加滑之前在開心渡假,我們已經跟她分享微博這玩意兒了,也請她也要開。她答應囉!大家敬請期待! bye了~我要去跟加滑、老婆喝香檳了!

Jia Hua! Happy Birthday! The three of us rushed to meet up to celebrate her birthday before June 18 ended. So happy! When Jia Hua went on her happy vacation earlier, we have already shared the idea of the micro-blog with her. We also asked her to open one and she agreed!!! Everyone can look forward to this! Bye! I have to go and drink champagne with Jia Hua and Laopo now!

S.H.E released their Micro-Blogs


HEBE's Blog

ELLA's Blog

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ella's Msg: In time to say Thank You

Translation by chilipadi @

In time to say Thank you

Hello everyone. How are you?
I am now in the States, and it's still 18th.
So I am still in time to say thank you to everyone.
I know along of fans have to time and effort to create many innovative presents for me.
Or have donations receipts as presents.
Although I may have not receive all the presents but I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you everyone for loving me, for making the efforts, I am truly touched.
Recently, I think many people should know what happen to my Grandpa.
Because of running up and down to the hospital, some thoughts struck me.
Because of who I am, I have earned alot of money, I can afford to let my grandpa stay in single room, hire private nurse and provide the best care for him.
I am really happy that I can work in this industry
Watching my Grandpa fighting very hard with the disease everyday
There is nothing in life to dispute about, nothing that cannot be let go
All of us came this this earth with nothing
and when we leave, we cannot take anything along with us
Can be put to rest in the coffin of (I will use cremation) is a good memory in this life
What I am trying to say is that the best memories of my life is to all the work and happenings in the entertainment industry
I love my family, my two sisters, I love my friends and the friends that love me too
I also love all of you
This Birthday has been unique. I celebrated it for 48 hrs
I am going to make a wish here
1) I wish that Grandpa gets well soon hope that he can quickly go back to his warm and familiar home
2) I wish peace, happiness and health to all the people I love and the people that love me
3) I wish that all my wishes can come true

Thank you everyone

Happy Birthday to me...


OMG. I missed Ella so much~ And finally she blogged!!!

I feel sad that her Grandpa is still sick. I do hope he gets well soon.

Baobei, happy birthday!!! I hope that all your wishes will come true!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Meng Niu CF!!! CE as the leads again!!!

Translation of CE part:

E: Where's my vegetables?
everyone points to chunnie
C: (in regards to the mengniu drink) the vegetables inside here, they're not yours hor..
E: i said, it belongs to me, just you wait and see (and then she drinks MN)

credits: babyval22 @ CEFC

No one dares to steal Chun's food/drink except his Baobei~ LOL XD