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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wu Chun Confirms Flying Solo And Holds Fanmeeting

Written by: Zahra on 2/28/2011 @
Source: Nextmedia, UDN

It's official. Wu Chun will not be renewing his contract with HIM . He has yet to officially leave Fahrenheit as they will still be performing together at various concerts and shows in May and have renewed their contract as the spokesmen for Taiwanese Tourism. But when he was asked whether he would participate in releasing another album, he didn't respond directly to the question and instead expressed that he would be concentrating on acting this year and has no plans for an album right now.

He also opened up his own personal website Chun Zone, in January, and attracted 2000 members after a month. Yesterday, he held a fan meeting at a hotel with 300 lucky fans coming from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. There, he confirmed that the rumors surrounding his contract to be true, but has also stated that he is currently filming a new movie and plans on publishing a book for charity. Though his management company is not the same as the other three Fahrenheit members, he has emphasized that there is still a possibility that they will act and do promotions together. He also stated, "In the past, work was too intensive. I didn't have the time to spend with my family, which affected my mood and efficiency when working. In the future, I will spend more time being with my dad." He also hopes that his workload will not be heavy in the future, and, instead, filled with quality.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wu Chun Officially Goes Solo

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Source: UDN/ Apple Daily

The fact that Wu Chun is going solo is now official.

Wu Chun has decided not to renew his contract with HIM Records. The first thing he worked on after going solo is his own official fan club "Chun Zone International Fan Club," which was opened last month. The first fans meeting was held yesterday and 300 fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and even Japan and Korea came.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ella Exudes Superstar Charisma Even in Her Childhood and Revealed Slender Legs in Swimwear

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Source: ChinaYes
Photos: Chen-Ma's Weibo

We are pleasantly surprised to find S.H.E member – Ella’s childhood photos being circulated on Weibo today, and the provider of these photos is none other than Ella’s mother. Ella’s mother has registered on Weibo with the account name “Chen-ma A-Su” for sometime already, and would often update her blog contents to interact with netizens. This also provided an avenue for S.H.E fans to be even closer to their idol’s daily life.

Since last evening at about 9pm, Chen-ma started to post the childhood photos of Ella and her siblings on her blog. In her childhood days, Ella was dolled up by her mother and elder sisters, to play-pretend as beauty pageant queen for one moment, and a little princess in the next moment! When Ella realised her funny and adorable childhood photos were posted online, she could not help but exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! It’s freaky!”

Friday, February 25, 2011

We Stayed Because of Love (SHERO Version)

credits: HIMservice


Waaaa!!! SHEITO DVD coming soooooon!!! I so can't wait!!! XDDDD So excited to watch it na!!!
It's just too bad that I'll probably get mine 2 weeks after the release. :/

Yang Deng Kui 3 billion filming plan for next 5-years, Ella and Zaizai leading the way

Translation by sytwo of Zaizai's thread @ AF
Source: Apple Daily
Taken from: CEFC

It is really a rumor news for now since even the director himself admitted that he has given them the scripts but they are still in discussion. The only confirmed cast is Xiao Xiao Bin (who also recently made a movie with this same director). It seems that this movie is a remake of a previous famous movie called "Tian Sheng E-Tui" (Naturally a Couple) and it starred Xiao Bin-bin ie. XXb's father!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wu Chun drops out of Absolute Boyfriend and remains without contract

Written by: Zahra on 2/22/2011 @
Source: Nownews

It's recently been revealed that Wu Chun's contracts with HIM and Comic had expired at the end of last year and there are no signs of him renewing the contracts after two months. He has stated before that the reason he would stop singing would be for his father. While there have still been promotions for a Fahrenheit album release, all the work Wu Chun has done for it was merely to fill the last of the requirements of his contract.

It has also been leaked that Wu Chun has dropped out of both his upcoming series (Absolute Boyfriend) and movie (Summer Holiday 2) leading to many speculations of him preparing to leave the entertainment industry. As of present, Wu Chun has expressed when interviewed that he has thought about leaving. For his fans, though, he will not depart rashly. However, he will not be putting his whole heart into the entertainment industry in the future.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucky Lucky Magazine (Feb Issue w/ trans)

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Ella’s Secret Boyfriend
Ella, together with Selina and Hebe formed the group S.H.E and with her outstanding acting ability, she has worked on a few idol dramas. After working with Jerry Yan on the current drama ‘Down with Love’, they have become best friends and Jerry commented that Ella changed him a lot.

After going through many rounds in a singing competition, she was selected together Selina and Hebe to form a girl band called S.H.E., opening her path into showbiz.

From an innocent young girl, she has transformed into an experienced showbiz person and everybody who has worked with her have will say that she is a great person to work with. Ella laughs at the comment and says that she hopes in future, her children will take after her personality, be happy all the time and need not be good in studies.