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Saturday, July 18, 2009

UFO Radio Feature of [The 3 Spas of Love] – ELLA Shares on One-Armed Superman

Summary:The DJ, Guangyu, is a sentimental guy and always has words of praises for Baobei on many occasions in the past - from her harmonizing, singing to personalities. During this feature to promote the new book of SHE – [The 3 Spas of Love], it was ELLA’s turn to share on one of her stories – [One-Armed Superman].

E: Hello everyone. I am SHE’s ELLA. There will be many touching and exciting stories waiting to be revealed with all of you in our latest released book – [The 3 Spas of Love]. So firstly, I will share with you on one of the stories.

E: [One-Armed Superman]. [One-Armed Superman] is a story of my father. Just shortly after my eldest sister was born, my father had an accident at work and lost his right hand as a result. Since then, in almost every photo that my father took, he would always cover up his right hand. It took me quite some time before I realized this gesture of his. Once, when I flipped open the photo album which my mother has arranged – as each member of the family has a dedicated photo album, and I was flipping through my father’s dedicated album… In his younger years, my father is really handsome. He has single-eyelids, prominent and high nose, long legs, with a great figure proportion. He could be acclaimed as the “Chu Liu Xiang*” of Pingtung. (laughs) As I was flipping through his photos one by one, admiring his suaveness through one after another photo. You could tell just how confident he is through the suave and at ease expressions on his face. It was until I came upon a particular photo… And I stopped (flipping). And my tears fell. In this particular photo, my father was wearing a pair of jeans with a tee-shirt. He still looked very handsome. But his expression was down. Despite his eyes were looking into the camera, but they were blank looks, just like 2 dark hollows. Where his right hand should have been, there was nothing there. This was the first photo my father took after he lost his right hand. During that period of time, I would purposely try to get close to my father in order to chat with him.

E: “I think everyone of you would probably look down on me… as I have one arm…” My father suddenly spoke up. I was really stunned that this was his actual thought. Even more startling to me then was to realize that the physical loss of a hand, would result in the loss of something more intangible within the heart of the person. The intangibles in the likes of confidence and happiness were lost. In their place, grief and anguish took those places within his heart. But he never let us in, into his world of loneliness and unhappiness. Therefore, being ignorant, we would just attribute everything to his bad temper… and ended up siding our mother more often. It dawned on us that despite how strong he looked externally, our father’s heart is actually so vulnerable. He is so in need of our companionship and understanding… Taking the chance, I wish to say to my father now… Father… Since I’ve learnt the term – [Father], you have always been how you are now. In my views, regardless how the physicals might change, you are still very MAN, very powerful. I will always know should I end up hurt in fights outside, as long as I can dash back home… I know, you will always be there to protect me. Father, do you know, you are the Superman in my heart forever! Actually I wrote a song for you and I wish to dedicate this song to you during Father’s Day this year. I wish to sing this aloud and let you know - you are always the One-Armed Superman in my heart!

DJ: Wow, SHE is coming up with a new book. They also adapted and re-sang a classic song – Meng Tian...

*Chu Liu Xiang is a classic period drama / novel character – suave, witty, highly-skilled, and chivalrous hero. Ladies are all mesmerized by him.

E: I love you, father! Muacks! Muacks!... There will be more touching and warm stories in our [The 3 Spas of Love]…

translated by syyang @
video credit: kimuchi08

i was crying while reading this.. Ella`s story is so touching..
she is a very sweet and filial daughter..
her family is very lucky to have her and i can also say that she is also lucky to have a family/father like Chen-Papa...

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