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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hebe 《妳》 Premiere

World Premiere of the song 《妳 (You)》 written by Qing Feng for Hebe. A song dedicated to Selina.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hebe 《乌托邦》 47s Teaser

47s teaser of Hebe's 《乌托邦 (Utopia)》

Stills from Hebe's 2nd MV [还是要幸福]

Stills of Hebe & 莫子仪 for her new MV, [还是要幸福 (rough trans: Must Be Happy)]

Ella @ FanFan's Concert (Clip)

News about Hebe's 2nd MV

Her 2nd MV will be 「还是要幸福 (rough trans: Must Be Happy)」. The director of the MV will be the same director of 「寂寞寂寞就好」. The plot will be an adaptation of [The Little Mermaid]. 莫子仪 Mo Zi Yi will play the lead man, he and Hebe will kiss in the MV.

Original Article:


source: UDN/Baidu Hebe

Hebe 《要说什么》 56s Teaser

Teaser to Hebe's song "要说什么 (What Should I Say)"

The lyrics of this song is penned by her, and is the same song as the very first teaser -

Another song 《你》 will be on air in China from this Wed.
credits: htienfc

Friday, August 26, 2011

No short skirts for Selina Jen on her wedding

The recovering starlet who is still unable to stand wants to undergo surgery again

All S.H.E member Selina Jen wants for her wedding is to be able to stand up straight.

So much that she is willing to undergo the painful procedure of having her skin grafted. She revealed on her microblog yesterday that her ankle is swelling terribly and she is unable to stand still for five seconds.

Selina's fiancé Richard Chang revealed that keloids have formed on her knees and ankles which restrict her movements. To have perfect skin for her big day on Oct 31, the starlet wanted the doctors to remove the scars and undergo skin grafting.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Love MV BTS

credits: kimuchi08

Hebe & Ella @ Tuesdays With Morrie Movie Showing

Tuesdays With Morrie is a movie adaptation of the book with the same name. Ella said it was highly recommended by Selina so they decided to watch it.

Hebe was asked about her feelings on her grandma passing away recently. She said when she heard the news she realized a new a life. She also said that we should treasure our lives.

For this event, Ella said they prepared a lot of tissue and she didn't wear any make up so she won't be worried about crying. Hebe on the other hand still wore powder.

FanFan pressured by the concert; Ella as a guest

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ella and Hebe attend catwalk event in Guangzhou for charity to the delight of fans

Written by: Pauli on 8/23/2011 @

Taiwanese superstars Ella Chen and Hebe Tien of girl group S.H.E were recently in Guangzhou for a catwalk event to promote a fashion brand and to hold a live auction of signed new clothing with proceeds from the sale donated to charity. The catwalk event, held in the evening, was an energetic and romantic-themed affair which included one segment where six models wore masks that hid the two Taiwanese celebrities before unmasking themselves and being introduced to the audience with shouts of their names. While on the catwalk to the flashes of camera lights, Ella and Hebe donned clothing specifically tailored from the fashion label’s chief designer with the aim of exuding personality and self-confidence for a sexy and modern urban image.

BTS of My Love MV

credits: xuplHebeshow

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ella will be a guest @ Fan Fan's concert

Fan Fan's concert tour, Love and FanFan, will be held in Shanghai on August 27. Ella will be one of the guests. FanFan said that they will sing 不能跟情人说的话 (rough trans: Words Cannot Say With Lover). They will sing 3 songs together but FanFan refused to disclose the other tracks. She and Ella will also be dancing.

source: UDN

[Weibo] Ella receives her My Love album

Just received wu my love, so happy! oh, my love my love!

Photo from Ella's Weibo
Translation by tohebe @ tumblr

Hebe @ HitFM event

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Selina Jen to wed on October 31

The S.H.E singer is finally getting hitched after a long arduous wait

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen's fiance Richard Chang finally made the long-awaited announcement of his wedding date at 1.40am this morning.

According to Richard's update on his microblog, the wedding would be held on Oct 31, with about 88 tables of guests. Another banquet would be held at Changhua city on Dec 16, and the date of their registration has yet to be decided.

Richard confirmed that the couple would wed on Selina's birthday (Oct 31), but the wedding would be kept simple -- instead of glamorous and luxurious -- in consideration of Selina's health condition.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hebe田馥甄 My Love Official MV

Meaning of the MV (credit to xup@hebeattitude):

She is the goddess in the MV, holding the lantern of love. She walked into the cold and harsh world. The people in the mud felt her warmth and woke up. And the water scene signify her saving the people from the ordeals they went through.

Selina's Message: Finally, I'm getting married!

Hi everyone! I'm Selina! Finally, I'm getting married! Why did I say that I'm getting married? It's because Ah Diong has already paid the deposit for the banquet, the invitation cards are also printed, thus, it's certain that I'm getting married. It will be on my birthday this year, 31 October 2011! It's still 2 months away, I feel a lil nervous as my movements are still restricted, my legs get easily swollen when I stand too long, then it itches and tightens. But I'm still having hope, having hope that within these 2 months, I'll be able to improve vastly.

E&H @ FEXATA 2010 Spring Fashion Show

*Fexata is a women's fashion brand from Paris. I'm guessing they're probably the new endorsers? ;)

Next Magazine Awards Top Ten Idol: S.H.E

SHE reunites fro the first time!!! Though it is only in audio ;)

S.H.E obtained the Top Ten artistes.

They made an audio clip to thank everyone! OMGGGG S.H.E REUNITE!! EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS!! <3

S.H.E: Hello everyone! We are S.H.E!

Ella: The 3 of us has gathered together again! Although it’s through audio only, and we can’t be there personally to thank everyone, we’re very happy to be able to achieve this award. We would like to thank all the media & fans’ support, allowing us to be the Top 10 idol! Are we the first? Or one of them? Oh is one of them. hahaha

Selina: Yeah we’re one of them, but in our hearts we are the champion!

Ella: Hey! Selina is here! C’mon, speak more! Everyone missed you so much!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Selina Jen shares her wedding photo

The starlet looked every bit like a ravishing bride in her studio shots

It's been more than 10 months since S.H.E member Selina Jen was severely burnt in an on-set accident last October.

Her heath condition has been improving slowly and it was recently rumoured that Selina would be marrying her fiancé Richard Chang on Oct 31.

Before the accident happened, Selina had already shot a series of wedding photos, in preparation for the big day.

After the accident, the starlet shared that her body underwent major changes and decided to reshoot the photos, as a form of commemorating the turning point in her life.

At 3.27am, Selina updated her microblog with a photo of her in thick makeup. The picture was captioned: "Today, I put on thick makeup, bundled my newly-grown hair and wore the Vera Wang gown, which had been waiting for me the last six months."

Monday, August 15, 2011

[Hebe田馥甄 My Love] My Love Lyrics

Lyrics for My Love. Pinyin + Chinese + English


My Love

ru guo ni bei ta shang guo dao hen tong qing gan xie ta hao xin zhe mo
如果你被她傷過到 很痛 請感謝她好心折磨
If you have been hurt deeply by her, please thank her for the torment

ru guo ni dui ta gan dao kui JIU qing gan xie ta kang kai lei liu
如果你對她感到 愧疚 請感謝她慷慨淚流
If you feel sorry for all you did to her, please thank her for the tears she shed

zai wo men xiang yu xiang ai zhi qian
Before we met and before we love

duo kui you ta rang ni cheng shu
多虧有她 讓你成熟
Thank her for giving you a chance to grow up

ru guo ni xian zai gu du ji mo qing gan xie zhe mei li deng hou
如果你現在孤獨 寂寞 請感謝這美麗等候
If you are alone and lonely, please be thankful for this wait

ru guo ni hai zai wei ai fan cuo qing gan xie hai mei zhao dao wo
如果你還在為愛 犯錯 請感謝還沒找到我
If you are still making errors in love, please be thankful you have not found me

yao zou wan mei ge qu zhe lu kou
Till we go thru all the twist in life

wo men cai dong ai shi shen me
我們才懂 愛是甚麼
Do we finally know what love is

woo~ my love woo~ my love

ru guo qing xing wo zhi de yong you qing gan xie wo bei fang qi guo
如果慶幸我值得 擁有 請感謝我被放棄過
If you are grateful I am worthy, please be thankful I was someone's past

ru guo xin shang wo jian qiang wen rou qing gan xie na zhen gui shang kou
如果欣賞我堅強 溫柔 請感謝那珍貴傷口
If you like my strength, my tenderness, please be thankful of the wound I had

zai wo men xiang yu xiang ai zhi HOU
Now that we have met and are in love

yi han dou hui bian cheng shou hou
遺憾都會 變成守候
Regrets are but waiting

woo~ my love woo~ my love

dang wo men zhong YU jin jin xiang yong
When we finally have each other in our arms

suo you ku nao hui tian mei jie guo
所有苦惱 會甜美結果
All the sadness will have sweet endings

wo men jiu nai xin piao liu
Shall we patiently wander

ai hui lai de zai dui de shi hou
愛會來的 在對的時候
For love will come, when the time is right

woo~ my love woo~ my love
woo~ my love woo~ my love

English translation by conan2209 @
Pinyin translation by kimuchi08 @
Please credit the translators & and include this note if/when transferring elsewhere.

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