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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hebe revealed Ella`s rumuored boyfriends

This is a function held on Jun 22 to promote the book [The 3 Spas of Love]. Supposedly, 100 fans were chosen at random through some type of online Q and A test to attend the function and each person is allowed to ask a question to each of S.H.E

Ella was still in Hangzhou shooting DWL but they were able to place a call to her. As soon as the lines were connected, Ella immediately shared her excitement about seeing the total eclipse of the sun. She also admitted that when she got drunk in KTV, she would take off her clothes and sleep in the nude after she gets home. Furthermore her pajamas is progressively sexy...the type that is both one piece and lacy.

One of the questions asked by the fans was "who was your rumored boyfriend". To avoid answering this question themselves, Selina and Hebe answered on the behalf of Ella instead and listed out the male artists that Ella had rumored with...including "Jerry Huang, Blue Lan, Anthony Guo, Wu Chun....who knows, the next one may just be Jerry Yan."

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