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CE Fanfiction

*Note: I'm no longer accepting fanfic DL requests. Sorry! :( But download links I've provided before are still available! :)

Here are some of my favorite CE FF`s...

Complicated Ecstasy (R)

Lust & Hatred

The Cookie-Dough Boy

Oh No! I Married My Enemy

The Marriage

My Stubborn Young Bride

Everything For Love

Changing Destiny

He said/She said: A Radio Romance

Mr Perfect vs Ms Pervert

My Frst Kiss

My Only Angel


Selling Cinderella

So Your Roomate's a Pervert?

Winter Sonata

Tormented By Your Love

Love In Different Languages

Someone To Keep Me Safe

The Bet

Shotgun Wedding

Her Gay Bestfriend and The Rest of Her Life

The Last Petal

Kidnapped Wife

Not Cinderella's Story


Miss Independent [invention # 042809]


You Bet

*Links in bold are download links. They have been deleted from Winglin so I'm giving the download link instead.


Note that I don't own any of these stories. Credits to all the amazing CE FF authors. If I give you a download link of the story, please respect the author by not posting it to other sites and claiming the story as yours. The stories I give you are only for personal use. :D

To the authors of the fanfics, if ever you see your story in here and don't want it to be shared just say and I won't give anyone a download link of your story. :D

PS. if there are any broken links tell me so I can fix them ;)

Fanfics that are not completed (and may never be completed :P)

Other CE fanfic that I definitely recommend :D


Requested DL Links:

Bitter Boyfriend
Our Bitter-Sweet Couple
Starngers By Blood
A Lazy Girl And A Perfect Boy
A Lily In A Promise
A New Beginning Starts Here
Because Of Him, I Met You
Bounded By Impression
My Pervert Home Tutor
BTP - A Year Late E-card
BTP - CD Notes
BTP - Divorce
BTP - Everyday Teddies
BTP - Imprint
BTP - Learning to Fall
BTP - Love at First Sight
It Happens In One Week
Just between Us
Love Is Miracle
My Intensive Sweetheart
One and Only It's You
Sweet Complication
You Got It! My Dear

Cover Up
Unexpected Attraction
Sweet Sensation, Dangerous Temptation
The Bet
I Work For The Devil
My Only Angel

Fate by per-per
Going Back
Housemates in Love
Please Just One Last Kiss
The Ending of My 10 Year Career
Her Most Memorable Night
Perfect Couple (by Joy of CEFC)

Exposed Imperfections: After Life
How Have You Been
Fate by Saber
Blind Date
Now and Forever
How To Win Him Back
Exposed Imperfections

Winter Renaissance
Love Was Here
She Was The One
Forever Yours

Incest In Love

BTP - This Is Not Calvin
BTP - Behind The Picture

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Joselle Mae a.k.a Qiao Ke Li

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