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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hebe - Bazaar Magazine Article

The editor always love to ask the artiste she interviewed, “what is the phrase you like most?” Most people would quote philosophical phrases said by famous persons, but Hebe said, “I love you.” This took the editor aback. She said that in years of her career, nobody answer this question so simply and so meaningfully as Hebe.

Hebe said that after selina’s accident, she was at times emotional and depressed. she thought, “A joke destiny played can take away everything the person had, no matter how diligent the person was.” but at times she thought, “if you can’t control you life, you should just throw away all caution and give it the best you can in things you do when you can. ” She kept thinking about life philosophies during these few months, and her emotions were in a turmoil, but nobody saw the internal battles as she always looked calm.

She now concluded that everybody is lonely, love supports us through our lives. Love is what makes life meaningful, that allows us to make the best out of our limited lifespan, so she specially named her album “My Love”.

Now she tells the people around her she loves them. She always ends her calls with her parents with “i love you” and demands them to do the same :p The editor also noticed she wore a bracelet with “i love my mom” carved on it.

Hebe said she is blessed with the opportunity to do the thing she loves the best, which is singing, and will treasure every opportunity she has.

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  1. I love hebe! She's like an angel!

  2. Aww, that article in Bazaar is so sweet yet profound. Hebe seems to know exactly what to say, saying it in the simplest way possible. Just enough to get her point across, and nothing more. Yet there's still a positive tone to it and not a neutral terse tone (like one would think there may be with short concise speech). <3 She is really something special...