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Friday, September 23, 2011

Selina Jen’s pre-accident wedding photos revealed

The starlet also shared pictures of her pink wedding invite along with a series of photos from her pre-accident wedding photoshoot

Selina Jen's recording company posted a set of her wedding pictures which were taken prior to her accident on the set of I Have A Date With Spring yesterday.

In the pictures, Richard went down on his knees with a pigeon egg-sized diamond ring, as if re-enacting his proposal to his future wife, while Selina was seen beaming from ear-to-ear. It is said this is one of Selina's favourite set of wedding pictures.

Selina also revealed that when Richard proposed to her, he gave her a diamond watch instead of a ring. According to the 30-year-old singer, the watch was "more substantial" and allowed Richard to "latch on" to her.

The starlet joked in reply and pondered, "Don't you think that a diamond hula-hoop would be more appropriate?"

Apart from these pictures, the soon-to-be Mrs Richard Chang also revealed pictures of her 800-copies-only limited edition wedding invitation.

The fashionable and elegant invite, which uses Selina's favourite colour, hot pink, as the main background colour, is paired with a matching golden envelope and has a few English words embossed on the invite itself. The pink and gold invite which will be inserted into a white envelope, also carries the phrase "Diong & Selina" printed in wine-coloured font.

Satisfied with the outcome of her wedding invitations, Selina expressed, "I hope my closest friends and relatives will be able to receive my hand written invites."

The couple's banquet menu which includes four appetizers, eight main courses, and two fruit desserts, was also revealed along with their invites and photos.

For eco reasons, the couple chose to serve bamboo fungus soup instead shark's fin soup. Selina even composed a poem to coincide with the menu, where the first Chinese characters in the poem read: "Richard Chang, Selina Jen, Forever in love."


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