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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Selina Jen will only appear at wedding banquet

The starlet's fiancé let on that they will be skipping all traditional ceremonies in view of Selina's inconveniences

Taiwanese pop star Selina Jen will be marrying her fiancé Richard Chang this coming Oct 31.

At a charity event yesterday, Richard revealed that the couple would be skipping all traditional ceremonies on the big day and let on that Selina will only make an appearance at the wedding banquet.

The lawyer added that they will not be toasting their family and friends during dinner, because "those [traditional] ceremonies are very tiring. The toasting ceremony would require us to keep walking. I will be greeting all our friends on [Selina's] behalf."

Richard also revealed that Selina is unable to stand or sit for long periods of time as her calves "will be swollen with blood" due to "long periods of standing".

"Her legs need to be cushioned when she sits, so that it will be more comfortable," he said.

When asked if the wedding rings are ready, Richard laughed, "[I've] had them prepared last year. Unless she asks me to, I will not get her new ones. She's going to be reminded of them now though, since you guys [the media] will write about it."

Richard also revealed that Selina is still unable to bend her hands naturally. The starlet's hands will be wrapped up and hence, she may not be able to wear her wedding ring on the night of her big day.

According to him, Selina will also have to wear pressure suits for her arms and legs.

"I don't know what she thinks. Taking them off would reveal her scars. We'll need to discuss that some more," said Richard.

The lawyer donated 200 copies of his book The God Chose You to the Sunshine Foundation at the charity event to raise funds for the organisation.

Apart from that, Selina also made a special voice recording to urge the public to "care for burnt patients like me" and that she would "work hard on my physiotherapy and be a happy bride this coming October".

Richard then revealed that Selina will be giving the foundation a special gift, for them to use at their charity sale. When asked if it is a music single, the lawyer answered coyly, "You'll find out when the time comes."


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