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Saturday, September 10, 2011

S.H.E 10 Years Anniversary

E: Wooahhh… (turns around)… Hello everyone, I am none other than the “ever charming, well-known, the legendary beautiful and unique lady”. Your most familiar – Mei Qi Jie Jie! Did I give you a surprise? Furthermore, did you see the breeze going around just now? (looks down) Come, let us show our appreciation to Xiao Feng (lit transl: Little Wind aka name of the fan)… (to Xiao Feng) You can take a break now. (Purposely let the fan blow at her skirt) You are really fabulous, Xiao Feng! Alright, now you can really take a break already! (moves the fan away)

And now, what exactly are we doing here today?! *Gasp* I heard that the most shocking…ops… (laughs) why did I say most shocking… it should be the most celebrated female heavenly group in the Chinese music scene – S.H.E… They have actually been in the music industry for 10 years already!! I can’t believe it!! Just how many miracles and milestones they have created in the past 10 years! Come with me now as I show you their achievements!


SHE: Happy Birthday!!! Yeahhhhhh!

E: (purposely) Let’s wave the flab on the arms!... (to SH)… Why are we celebrating?

H: Because it is our birthday…

SH: Our 10th anniversary.

E: (exaggeratedly fell back) WHAT!? 10 years!? (laughs) Stealing the limelight! (H bursts out laughing)

S: 10 years… We are only 10 years old!

E: 10 years old… We are so young!

S: Yes, so young…

SHE: (claps) Yeah!

E: Dear fans, it’s unbelievable S.H.E is already 10 years old! It is really no easy feat and so much has happened over the past 10 years. We must take this opportunity to share with you the fun and experiences we have accumulated over the past 10 years.

H: I want to thanks the fans.

E: Ok.

SE: Speak.

H: It’s just “Thanks”. I’m done saying it. (laughs) But of course, the three of us have many shared sentiments of our journey together. But firstly, we want to thank our fans. (E nods in agreement) We thank them for being with us through the years. Just like now, as I have my own album, I’ve met fans who said they have been with S.H.E since their teens… But now, the fan has already grown into an adult totally… So you would feel thankful for them.

E: Indeed. And we have witnessed for ourselves during the autograph session that a fan who used to be such a small boy and one day, you suddenly realized he is already sprouting a moustache! (laughs) I find it incredible! We are… (SE laughing)…

H: It is just the passing years…

E: We are so not being serious here!

S: Alright. But still we are really grateful to our fans!

E: And the most cool thing today is that - look (gestures to S) who do we have here?!


S: Really? For a moment, I thought it was Lin Chiling!

E: (teases S) I see, you have thought wrong, really!

S: (laughs) Indeed, I have made a big mistake!

E: Come, share your thoughts with everyone!

S: Hi everyone! It’s been a long while… Thank you…

H: Were you going to cry?

S: No lah. Because the fans are not here physically… But if I should see them personally, I might…

E: (wipes away S tears) Burst into tears…

S: Yes, be overwhelmed and cry… But it is ok for now as I am only facing the camera. Only the familiar HIM colleagues are behind the camera so I do feel assured….

S: Let’s do a…

E: Familiar…

S: Familiar greeting!

E: Yes… Ready…

S: 1, 2, 3…

SHE: Hello everybody! We are S.H.E!

E: (prompts S) You have to add – I am Selina.

S: I am Selina.

E: (teases S) Ren Jia Xuan…

S: (turns to E) But we never say our Chinese names in greeting…

E: (playfully) Let’s give the fans some bonus! Come on, after all, it has been 10 years already!!!

S: I am Selina, Ren Jia Xuan. Born in 1981, 30 Oct. My residential address is in Taipei…

E: (gasps) No… don’t… (hugs S, refrains her from divulging more personal information) Stop, stop, stop! You don’t have to add your personal particulars!

S: Ok.

E: I think they have not heard us sing for a long time.

S: Right.

E: So what song should we sing?

H: 10 years yeah!

SHE sings “Shi Nian” (Title: 10 Years by Eason Chen)

Lyrics goes (E laughs at this part as she forgot part of the lyrics):
10 years ago, I do not know you. You do not belong to me.
We are still as we were before.
By the side of then a stranger, we walked down the streets that will eventually become more familiar to us as time goes.

H: But this is not S.H.E’s song.

SE: Right, but yet the title is “10 years”.

S: And indeed, 10 years ago…

SHE: (to each other) I do not know you. You do not belong to me. We are still as we were before.

~ Awkward silence ~

E: None of us can remember the lyrics!

SHE bursts into laughter.

S: (to the crew) Why didn’t you all check out the lyrics beforehand!?

E: (laughs, beep sounds are to cover the words not meant for the ears) Quick… *beep beep beep* go check out the lyrics!

S: It is really a rare occasion… 10 years…

E: Right. Honestly, if it is a song meant for our fans, everyone would know by instinct which song it is. It is none other than…

SHE: Mo Li (lit transl: Magical Power)!

E: Ready… 1, 2, 3…

SHE sings Mo Li:
You are my Mo Li (magical power)
I would think of you when I need the courage
With a blink of the eyes, we will transform all unhappiness into shooting stars
(S laughs) You are my Mo Li…

E: Wait a moment… The starting key to this song is way lower than how we usually sing. Because I find my harmonizing part going lower and lower…

S: (laughs points to H, who is laughing sheepishly and guiltily) She’s the guilty one to start the wrong key!

E: Are all your songs’ key now much lower already? In your own album?

H: As I age, the cumulated years would bring everything lower… Like the ends of the eyes will droop and the cheeks…

E: Will sink…

H: So my key will also drop lower…

E: So fans out there, you can’t blame us. After all these 10 years…

S: It’s the effect of gravity.

E: Yes… So we are going to sing “Lao Po” because our laopo (S) is here specially with us before the camera. Furthermore, the lyrics of Lao Po is also written by laopo. This song symbolizes the 10 years of comradeship between the 3 of us.

H: (to S) Should you sing the starting key?

S: I will start on a super high note!

E: Don’t do that, it will kill me in the harmonizing part.

SE sings Lao Po on an exaggerated high note.

E: We’ll end up singing until our double chins come out!

SHE sings Lao Po: Friends. Sisters. These terms are no longer adequate to describe…

S bursts out laughing.

E: What happened?

S: (angrily and pretends to cry, refers to H) She has forgotten my lyrics!!!! Boohooo!

E: (playfully to H) How dare you forget our song lyrics now that you have your own album?!

H: Sorry lah…

E: (to crew) Quick *beep beep beep* catch up on the lyrics!

S: She sang “Friends. Friends. These terms are no longer adequate to describe…”

E: Hahaha! So lousy! She’s cleanly forgotten about it…

S: She thought I am Emil Chau… Booohooo!

E: (sings Emil’s song – Friends)… Friends, we’ll walk side by side, all our life…

S: I feel so let down!

E: Cut! 3, 2…

S: (prompts E) You start the key…

E: Friends… Friends…

S: Ready… go…

Friends. Sisters. These terms are no longer adequate to describe
Our chemistry, our pride, our support and embracement of one another

E: (to S) Are you crying?

S: Yes! Why must we sing so seriously? We were doing fine initially…

E: Don’t be like that, if not I will cry too..

S: Go ahead, cry with me. (HE laughs as S wipes her tears) I am not singing anymore. I want to eat…

H: Because we have not sing a song formally together for a long time already.

S: So what do we do now?

E: (teases S) See lah! Now the mood has changed gravely… But let’s come and eat cake now!

S: (merrily) Ok!

E: I even scolded her…

H: We have to make a wish right?

E: Our birthday cake is here!

S: Yeah!

E: Let us sing this one song formally!

H: And everyone to join us too.

E: Alright, everyone to join in together! Because many of our HIM colleagues have spent the last 10 years with us and we are really like a family, overcoming the many obstacles together.

S: Let’s sing…

E: (starts the key) Wish…

Everyone sings the Happy Birthday song. (Baobei’s harmonizing is beautiful even in such a simple song)

E: Come, let us each make a wish!

S: Ok!

E: I wish that S.H.E will be able to get back together quickly – be it to cut an album, or to do our concerts together. Let us once again relive the glorious moments we shared for the past 10 years. Now most importantly, I pray that our, our dear laopo (S) can have a speedy recovery and be healthy and happy, and spend every second of her life in happiness and bliss in her days to come.

S: (hugs E) Thank you… Thank you… I also wish that we can have a change of members… (E stunned)

H: (quickly to S) Laopo, you don’t mean me surely?

S: (sarcastically) No, no, you have performed well recently…

E: (to S) Wait a minute… You gave me a scare… I was thinking why would you dare bring this sensitive matter up before Hebe?

S: (to the crew) And who was the guilty one laughing so loudly just now?

E: (to S, jokingly) Don’t do this lah… There are so many people here today… You have to give some thoughts to her feelings…

S: We have to hurry or else the “10” on our candle will melt and turn into “111” already!

E: Ok, ok, ok…

S: I wish that S.H.E will have many more 10 years ahead that we can celebrate…

E: Sure!

S: And I look forward to be able to have our next album soon…

E: (encouragingly) Sure! Yes!

H: I just wish for that the 3 of us to be safe and healthy in the future. After this ordeal, I’ve realized it is not easy to be safe and healthy. So I just wish for being safe and healthy and laopo will be happy in her future days with pain or discomfort…

S: Yeah! So I won’t even suffer pain from childbirth! Pop and it will be out! Yeah!!!

SHE: (blows the candle) Happy Birthday!!!

2001, Sept 11.
S.H.E started off as 3 girls who love singing and who stayed together in a dormitory.
Gradually, we fell in love with each other.
Gradually, more and more people grown to love us and join our family.
Our family has grown from strength to strength to become a Youthful Society.
One that would bring us together, to march towards the New Genesis.

Now, it is 2011, Sept 11.
Time flies, time really passes in the twinkle of an eye, 3650 days.
This 10 years, we shared many beautiful moving memories and of course, the less pleasant moments too.
But because we found our Laopo, because of all the fans who stayed by our side.
Our love has become One.
We have transformed into a Magical Power – Mo Li.
It has turned into a most beautiful and resilient faith and belief for us to carry on.

We know, this will not be the first 10 years we are together.
Please join us to march towards our next 10 years, and the next 10, and the next…

Translated by shyun_y @ AF Ella


OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect this!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY that they recorded a video for their anniversary T.T I started to tear up the moment I played the video XD Then I really cried when I saw the 3 of them together!!!!! I MISS THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I was crying and laughing at the same time while watching this video ;))) I LOVE YOU S.H.E!!!!!!!!!


  1. hello!!!
    Thats so Great! THE S.H.E 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY!!!

    I wonder if U could give me permission :)
    to take your translation
    and translate your english notes to spanish??
    please =)

    of course with your CREDITS!! :)
    I will waiting 4 UR answer ^----^

  2. @Mk/Club
    Sure! You can use it to translate in Spanish :) Just make sure to credit the translator (shyun_y @ AF ELLA) and link back to my blog :D

  3. Happy Birthday S.H.E !!