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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ella & Selina tries to make Hebe cry

Just a random clip that I wanna share. It made me cry so much~ T__T

0:38 | selina:So do I,when I acted cry they two also whisper to me.But Ella really…Maybe she has a emotional voice,and she know the key point(to make me cry).Hebe also helped me but she usually get in the way.(laugh)

ella:she did her quite a disservice.

host:So can I invent your two helping hebe today?You two told a scene or someting to her to make her got the motive(to cry)?Let’s try it ok?Pls come here(move)…And we keep here silence… (E and S whisper to H)

1:28 | host:Can you speak louder?

selina:Sorry but its secret!(joking) (Hebe crying!)

2:01 | selina:I wanna cry too! (Applause)

2:05 | selina:Do you know what I said to her?…. Ella is dead.

host:Simply one second!(to make hebe cry)

selina:…And I dead,too.Cause you(hebe)are the youngest,we two may really dead before you…then you are watching our CD,our MV..

selina:…the Screen which we three togerher… (ella cry out too)

2:24 | host: Oh my gosh! selina(Sob):Once we were in car,before a Autograph,just in Countdown to get on the stage,Ella was talking about something like if we were dead…Then I said I was afraid of ghost, would you do not visit me after dead,I was really afraid. Then Ella said:“its better to us meet in dream”,at that time Hebe cried,she said…she said could you please do not ?Cause if you find me in my dream…

2:51 | selina:…I would thought we were come back to the past,the time we three were together,but when I wake up and found that just a dream…

host: She will brokenheart. (Hebe nodding)

selina:Then she cried,then we three cried together…just one second before we got on stage!(cry and laugh)..our makeup spent,too…when the stage door open we ran onto the stage,dancing and singing(laugh).This is just happen at our recent travel of Autograph.

Translated by Sawutai @

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