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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another set of Selina Jen’s wedding photos unveiled

The starlet bares her beautiful back in the latest set of wedding pictures

S.H.E. member Selina Jen will be marrying her fiancé Richard Chang this coming Oct 31. On Sep 12, the starlet posted a recent set of wedding photos which was taken after her accident; she was seen smiling happily in them.

In the pictures, the elegant Selina wore a Vera Wang wedding gown, which she chose last year, and showed off her beautiful back. It was said that the camera was also specially angled to avoid showing the scars on her hands.

Commenting on the set of photos taken on Aug 11, Selina let on, "I was a little fatter, after I was discharged from the hospital. Then, I was worried I wouldn't fit into the dress. Luckily, the tailor had to modify only an inch."

Selina quipped that it had been a long time since she last stood in front of a camera and was worried that she did not have enough strength to last through the shoot. Fortunately, she got into the mood quickly and the entire shooting process went smoothly.

The starlet initially thought she would cry when she reshot her wedding pictures, but it was her father, band mate Ella Chen, and fiancé Richard Chang who were overwhelmed with tears instead.

"I was holding my emotions and my tears back that day. Later, I found out that the hair dresser was on the verge of tears. Richard's eyes were red and my father was sobbing. Ella told me she ran out of the studio to hide and cry, after she saw me in my wedding gown," said Selina.

In other related news, during a TV program recording, Selina's father revealed that he left the wedding plans to Selina and Richard and Selina's recording company.

When asked about Selina's plans of starting a family, he expressed, "I'll respect my child's decision."


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