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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wu Chun wishes Ariel all the best for her rumored love

Written by: Zahra on 1/26/2011 @
Source: UDN

Recently rumored to be in love with a "wealthy man", Ariel Lin has had her fans and manager worried about her getting her heart broken due to her lack of experience in love. In response, Ariel said, "Thank you everyone for being concerned for me. I have also already told my manager that she shouldn't worry. Everything will take its natural course. (I) hope everyone can give me some space."

There's also been talk that the "wealthy man" has already been a marriage before, but Ariel says that she will not be affected by news reports, and will instead decide with her own heart. Even her manager expressed, "Ariel's morals are very high, I believe she will know how to choose."

As for her once rumored-relationship costar, Wu Chun, the two were seen together on screen after five years. As the latest spokesperson for Coca-Cola, the two's 8-digit compensation is rivaling that of Jolin Tsai and Ethan Ruan for Pepsi. After so many years Wu Chun was quick to compliment Ariel on her beauty, and was also just as quick to say that Ariel has always been like an "older sister" to him for bringing him into the acting scene.

When asked about his opinion on Ariel's rumored love, Wu Chun first asked whether it was confirmed before saying, "Newpapers often say that a man and woman are a couple if photographed alone. I haven't heard Ariel talk about this. I think the most important thing is to find someone that suits her, understands her, and is a responsible man. If such a match appears, then, of course, I would be happy for her and wish her all the best."

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