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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rainie Yang & Wu Zun to collaborate in new idol drama; ‘Princess of Cute’ exclaims that he’s prettier than her!

Rainie Yang & Wu Zun to collaborate in new idol drama; ‘Princess of Cute’ exclaims that he’s prettier than her!

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

‘Princess of Cute’ Rainie Yang is scared of Wu Zun’s good lucks! The two will collaborate in new idol drama ‘陽光小妹’ (lit trans: Sunshine Girl’) in May. Upon knowing that her new co-star would be Wu Zun, Rainie admitted that she had been looking forward to working with him for a long time, but her first reaction was: “I’m dead! He’s even prettier than me! Will other people think he’s the female lead?” The 2
have not formally met yet, and already Rainie is worried that her own beauty is not up to par with his.

Amazed by Wu Zun’s good looks

Last year, Rainie missed the chance to collaborate with Wu Zun in ‘ToGetHer’ But this year, the chance has come again! The 2 are not very familiar with each other as this will be their first collaboration together. However, back when Wu Zun filmed ‘Tokyo Juliet’ with Ariel Lin, Rainie once went to visit her good friend, so she also got to meet Wu Zun, who wasn’t as popular back then. Her first impression of Wu Zun
was: “This person is too pretty ah!” Even till now, Wu Zun’s good looks have left a deep impression on her. Rainie revealed that the person she would most like to collaborate with is film king Tony Leung, however
she feels that this seems impossible.

Very full work schedule

Besides dramas, Rainie has also accepted 6 endorsements in only 4 months, and within the year, she also has to film advertisements that she had accepted last year. Her work schedule is very full. Yesterday,
Rainie attended a promotion event for her new beauty beverage endorsement, and revealed that she once had severe constipation problems, and couldn’t go toilet for 10 days. She expressed that it’s
very embarrassing to tell this story but after she drank the beauty beverage, the constipation problem immediately disappeared and even her skin became more smooth.


  1. Why Rainie and Wu Chun?????????? I want CE!!!
    GTV is dumb, they always make dramas base on mangas and they never make good pairing. So thats why GTV rating can never beat TTV / SETTV.

    Seriously, I really want ChunElla!!! It would be a lot better if it's CE in this drama!!!

  2. Totally agree with you xuan xuan. GTV should make dramas with orginal scripts, not just based from any manga.

    And, I want CE also!!! Though I'd still support Chun in this drama. :)

  3. Yes, so that's why GTV rating are always low.

    I will defineatly support this drama if it's CE..... Rainie and CHun doesnt look right together, dont know why.

    They should make it CE if they want the rating to be high!!!!

  4. Yah with CE together they will get their ratings back anytime. I miss CE so much that i watch all their mv and interviews for 4-5 hrs daily without fail on youtube. I hope they get to work on a new drama again. Love CE dearly.

  5. I know i dont like wu chun and rainie together either! i mean wu chun is hot and rainie is really pretty but! they just dont go together!

  6. Yeah.. They don't look good together.. though rainie is super pretty and cute and wu chun is okay..

  7. Eee. Chun n ella pairing makes my skin crawl. Rainie is better.

  8. Good that GTV decided to have WuZun & Rainie^^both look good together^^so happy that "Sunshine Angel" continue receiving positive feedback & comments^^^its about time WuZun be pair with a pretty & younger actress !!!!

  9. yeah. dont hate on the pair. Just support Wu zun and wish for the best. rainie yang is a beautiful girl and talented too.