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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Selina Jen’s knee bleeds, Ella Chen writes down blessings

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(Taken from Asianfanatics)

It has been more than 70 days since S.H.E member Selina Jen was badly burnt in a filming accident. She had celebrated Christmas and counted down to New Year in her hospital ward and is currently undergoing therapy.

Father Jen updated the public of Selina's recovery on his Weibo account recently. He said that his daughter is recovering well. Accompanied by fiancé Richard Chang, Selina tried walking up and down the training staircase in the ward.

"I've almost used up my strength after climbing the stairs up and down five times," exclaimed an excited, yet nervous Selina.

Father Jen also said that Selina bathed herself for the second time in the hospital's spa facility.

"She (Selina Jen) was still excited even though she had to endure the itchiness after the bath. With the help of a therapist, Selina practised her squat again. The blood began flowing from the weaker areas of her knees, but ceased after we applied pressure (on it)," wrote Father Jen.

He added, "The spa treatment was great. Not only did it clean away the dry skin, we also see less pus oozing from her legs. Her wounds are also drying up."

In other reports, Selina's band mate Ella Chen appeared at a charity event yesterday. She donated NT$200,000 (approximately S$8,842), in the hope to inspire more donations from fans.

During the event, Ella signed her name and wrote "Wifey, all the best".

"I will keep writing these four characters. I hope everyone would bless and give her strength," said the singer.

- Photos used credits to Ella's Blog and ChinaYes

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