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Friday, January 14, 2011

Selina Ren's Condition (01/14/2011)

Translation by KAY @

A new year is here, Selina Ren's fiance (Richard Chang) writes another long letter on HIM.COM, talking about Selina's current condition and his thoughts. Here are some of the main points in the letter:

"The Beginning of Another Stage of Challenge"

•It's hard to describe the 54% burnt surface area and 3rd degree burn. The effect of them is an issue we must deal with sooner or later.
•She wants to go home and doctors approved that, but here comes the question: how would she deal with how outsiders look at her? How long does she have to hide? She can't hide forever.

•Her face will recover, and doctors say it's recovering faster than expected. Her hair grows out already. Skin breaks and blisters are common. Muscle atrophy on her legs, but she still needs to practice walking. She puts on some weight, she is forced to do so for growing out skin. Her scars will fade, but will take a very long time.
•In order to face everyone calmly, she must face herself calmly. She must accept changes on her appearance, must face this challenge, so she can continue to believe in this world, believe this chalenge is meaningful.
•She's very afraid to practice sitting down and standing up, tears always burst out when doing it. But she tells herself "the physical therapy instructor says I need to do that 20 times everyday."
•Sequelas like sweat gland damages, sensitive lancinating, and hot and cold imbalances, will stay with her forever. She would gets mad sometimes, but she knows it's not helpful at all. She can't stop getting depressed, but she would always find an excuse to comfort herself. She doesn't think about how awful her legs look, but forces herself to stare at them when changing medicine.
•H.E [Hebe & Ella]'s friendship, parents support, doctors' professional treatment, nurses' patience, HIM staff, A-Mei's short animated video, Matilda Tao's visit, Mayor's encouragement, people on Weibo, etc can make her cry easily. You don't have to speak out, just give her your simple blessing. You don't have to do anything, but many friends have been very supportive. Your support is her strength to do physical therapy workouts. She knows she's not alone.
•It's been 3 months. The end of the 1st stage challenge is the beginning of another stage. She's prepared to face everyone now. If you guys can give her a little space and keep a safe distance, and help her to believe in this world, she's more encouraged to face the next stage of challenge.
•At thesame time, the usually timid Selina is able to face the problem now, but what about the television station? Everyone blames it at the explosive engineer after the incident, but who is he? The director, the person she only knows and once trusted, can he tell us everything, where is he....
•Maybe to some people, this incident is only a little mistake that can be fixed over time. This society is forgetful. Just stay quiet for a while, then prepare the next drama, next project, it would be another sunny sky to them?...Are we only blaming everything at the explosive engineer? Was everything really prepared? Is it really going to be over like this?...Instead of focusing at her condition with high-profile, if the media can pay attention to how to make this challenge more meaningful, then it would make it even more meaningful.
•I'm confident, no matter how hard her road of recovery is, she would walk through it. Millions and millions of princes will be there to protect her. They will beat the evil witch together.

As usual, lets continue to pray for her, and also Yu Hao Ming.

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