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Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Talks About Selina Ren on TV

Translation by KAY @ kays-entertainment
News source: Apple Daily / NOW News

Ren Pa and Kristen at the "Life Show"
Selina Ren's family tells the audience more about things happened after the explosive accident.

Selina's dad and younger sister Kristen were invited to be on Taiwanese talk show "Life Show" recently. They disclosed Selina is prepared to face everyone in public.

"She's prepared!," her dad said, "I keep telling her when she encounters anything, just face it, handle it, and let it go."

Still cares about her looks, Selina has been trying on make up on her injured face. By the time she makes her first public appearance three months after the accident, she will expose her face to the public.

Talked about when he knew about his daughter's injury, Selina's dad disclosed he asked doctors about her private part.

"I asked whether her private part was burnt," he said, "Still have to worry about her fertility."

Selina's letter to Ren Pa
Although she has been suffering great pain after the accident, Selina tries to face everything optimistically. The day when her sister Kristen visited her in the hospital was when she suffered the greatest pain. But she did not want her sister to worry, so she put on forced smiles the whole time. When Kristen knew the truth, she got teary.

"We are a family. She doesn't need to pretend she's strong in front of me."

Not only Selina's family was on TV, a personal letter written by the S.H.E member was read on the show---it was to her dearest dad. Because her hands are injured, she could not write well; but her words touched her dad's heart.

"My body---from a single hair to a bit of skin---are given by my parents. Letting them get hurt, I'm not being a filial daughter...Daddy, I love you. Thank you very much~"

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