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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ella Chen Doesn't Accept Director Chen's Apology

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News source: UDN

Ren Pa and Ella at KKBOX Awards
Sometimes it's hard to forgive someone.

S.H.E.'s Selina Ren was injured from an explosive accident during filming last year in October. Director of the drama Selina was filming Chen Ming Zhang has been out of the scene since then and avoided the media. After more than 80 days, Chen finally released a 2000-words apology letter recently.

In his statement, he explains he avoids the media to prevent his words being twisted on the reports. He expresses he was notified from the explosive blaster and martial arts man that the scene is "absolutely safe" to film. He is not a professional at this field and would let the professionals handle it.

"Besides trusting the professionals, what else could I do?," Chen writes, "But now it seems I'm wrong. I shouldn't have trusted them completely. If everything could go back, I shouldn't even film that scene!"

Selina's good sister Ella Chen and dad appeared together at an award ceremony yesterday and commented on Chen's apology letter. Ella doesn't understand why Chen didn't apologize until now, even when he mentions he cares about their feelings a lot in the letter. Now he even "moved on" and to film a new drama soon; it really is hard for them to accept.

Selina's dad disclosed Selina had another emotional breakdown when her fiance brought up director Chen's apology. Therefore, it's not a right time for Chen to pay a visit to the hospital at this moment. Selina will be making a public appearance soon, probably around January 20th, and she's 100% prepared.

"We will definitely let her meet the media first, and let them photograph her current condition," Selina's dad said.

As for the exact date and location of the appearance, Selina's parents will let their daughter's record company handle all matters.

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