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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ella Chen Donates to Build Nursing Homes

Ella Chen Donates to Build Nursing Homes

S.H.E's Ella Chen went to a nursing home today as their "Ambassador of Love" and even donated 200,000NTD to help building nursing homes for vegetative patients.

Before she made her debut to the showbiz, the singer studied medical management at school. She said: "I already know aging population is one of the important issues in the society. I once even thought of buying a piece of land in Pingtung and build nursing homes to help seniors. Now that I know there is an organization that has been giving love to seniors silently, I think it's a very meaning thing to be able to become their ambassador of love."

Ella was massaging for a grandma at the nursing home and even gave her a red wool hat. Ella's 86-year-old grandma started to have bad memories and sick 3 years ago, making Ella worried all the time. She said she would always give her grandma a massage and talk with her whenever she goes back to her hometown.

Starting a new year, S.H.E does not plan to release a new album at this moment. Ella expressed she would start filming new films but avoided talking about any related details, not even the male lead and roles. She said: "It's always my dream to film movies, so it doesn't matter who are my partners, I would look forward to it."

Source: ChinaYes / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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