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Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Hebe田馥甄 To My Love] 《开门见山 | Kai Men Jian Shan》 Lyrics

English translation by conan2209 @
Pinyin translation by kimuchi08 @
Please credit the translator if/when transferring elsewhere and include this note.

Kai Men Jian Shan
Straight To The Point

Originally Sung by: A-Mei

na shi ge yue liang jiu shi ge yue liang
那是個月亮 就是個月亮
It is the moon, a reflection of the moon

BING bu shi de shang shuang
It is not the frost

na de shang hua ban  kan wan le jiu wan
那地上花瓣 看完了就完 
Fallen petals on the floor, do not read into it

mei bi yao zai lian xiang
There is no need to associate it to anything

shen me qiu shui  zen me wang chuan
甚麼秋水 怎麼望穿
Whatever your eyes may be, to see through the way it is

shen me deng huo  zen me LAN shan
甚麼燈火 怎麼闌珊
Whatever lightings they are, it fades in its very way

shen me feng jing  jiu zen me kan 
甚麼風景 就怎麼看 
Whatever the scenery is, we see it the way it is

he bi yao guai wan
Why the subtlety

da kai men  jiu jian shan
打開門 就見山 
Cut to the point

wo jian shan  jiu shi shan
我見山 就是山 
Say what is in your mind

ben lai jiu  hen jian dan
本來就 很簡單 
It is really that simple

bu zhao zi ji ma fan
Do not seek trouble for myself

tong jiu tong  shang jiu shang
痛就痛 傷就傷 
Say it is a pain, say it is a wound

shi shui shuo  gan chang hui cun duan
是誰說 肝腸會寸斷 
Who said innards will fall apart

hun zhang

dian le deng  jiu hui liang
點了燈 就會亮 
Lights brighten up when lit

guan le deng  jiu hui an
關了燈 就會暗 
Lights dim when off

shui huo de  bu nai fan
誰活得 不耐煩 
Who is impatient with life

na li lai de gan tan
Where did the emotion come from

ju jiu ju  san jiu san
聚就聚 散就散 
So we stay or we split

shui ceng shuo  du zi mo ping lan
誰曾說 獨自莫憑欄 
Who once said do not look back at the old days when alone

ben dan

na shi ba yu san  jiu shi ba yu san
那是把雨傘 就是把雨傘 
It is a brolly, just another brolly

bu shi gan qing yi chan
Not an emotional heritage

na yan xiao YUN san  shi tian qi xian xiang
那煙消雲散 是天氣現象 
The dissipating and the dispersing is nothing but weather phenomena

bu shang lang man de dang
Do not be duped by the romantic words


A poem from 李白 (famous poet during Tang Dynasty), where he used the moon and liken it to frost to describe his longings for home

A poem from 徐志摩 (famous poet during 20th century), where he described fallen petal as his broken heart

Literal = see through the autumn waters
Meaning = wait earnestly for the return of loved ones

Literal=fading lights
Meaning=search for the one and only to realize he/she has been waiting at a place least expected

Literal=innards breaking down by inches
Meaning=emotional pain so immense, as if our innards are breaking down by inches

A poem from李后主 (emperor and famous poet during Tang Dynasty), where he lost his empire and had to refrain from looking back at what he had when he was alone
Literal=mist dissipate, cloud dispersed
Meaning=everyone left, everything gone etc

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