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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ella Chen rumoured to hold a 40-table wedding banquet

The Taiwanese singer was said to have already decided on the venue of her wedding banquet.

Previously, S.H.E member Ella Chen announced that she will hold her wedding with her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai on May 5.

And it seems that the preparations are already underway for the soon-to-be bride.

According to media reports, a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony is tentatively scheduled to be held at her hometown in Pingtung, Taiwan on Apr 15.

"It'll be held in Pingtung because my parents have many friends and relatives there, who'd like to give us their blessings," Ella said.

When asked about details of her wedding banquet, Ella said that she had not thought much about it, but only hoped for a simple wedding.

Yet, it was recently rumoured that the singer had already decided on the hotel for her wedding and will be holding a 40-table banquets.

The singer, however, revealed her love for long wedding dress.

"I want to try all of the wedding gowns. The style doesn't really matter," she said.

Ella also added that she prefers traditional classic gold rings compared to a diamond ring.

It is speculated that Ella will need more than 10 gowns, given that her wedding will be divided into three parts -- engagement, wedding banquet in Taiwan and weddings in Malaysia.


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