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Monday, December 5, 2011

Vic Chou wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, Ella praises boyfriend

Friday December 2, 2011 Taiwan
Source : Epoch Times
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

Taiwan film "Perfect Two” (English title for Match Made in Heaven”) Director Chu Yan Ping and actor Vic Chou (Zaizai), Chen Jiahua (ELLA) and Xiaoxiao Bin went to TV program "SS Hsiao-yan Night " for promotion. Vic Chou said that he wants to be a dad but do not have a partner, so no chance to have a child yet. Chang Hsiao-yan praised Vic, that he has become more mature, looking very much like the young Tony Leung. Director Chu also agreed and felt that from his eyes one can see that Vic has grown up. He said with a laugh: “Previously when filming "Yi Yu” (Foreign Land) , actor Tuo Chung Hua has just split-up from his girlfriend, so his eyes naturally exudes a tremendous sense of change. The eyes of Zaizai (Vic) also has this sense of great change, but do not know if he went through a break-up. "

Director Chu Yan-ping teased Chen Jiahua (ELLA) who is now in love, saying: "But ELLA’s eyes did not have that feeling (of great change), her eyes are full of brilliant happiness and blinded me, so I told her to restrain it a bit." Sitting beside him, Chen Jiahua (Ella) turned shy and asked the director not to make fun of her. The host Chang Hsiao-yan praised her, saying that Chen Jiahua is a considerate girl and hopes she can also find a very considerate boy, and then asked if her current boyfriend is good. Ella was very happy and gave a thumbs-up saying: "Give him a praise, a GOOD, an affirmation. "

In “Perfect Two”, Vic Chou plays the father of Xiaoxiao Bin, and has very good interaction with XXB both in and outside of the movie, the two of them have complete tacit understanding. This ignited Vic’s desire to have a baby and let him experience the joy of being a dad. Vic Chou said with a laugh: "Really feel like having my own child, but so far do not have a chance yet. But this movie allowed me to experience the feelings of being a father, which is something I did not get from other films." Then Chang Hsiao-yan told him that it is not easy being a father - while Xiaoxiao Bin is acting, his dad Xiao Binbin has to be by his side to direct him. Vic Chou smiled and replied: "Being a dad is not an easy thing to do, so it is still better not to hastily rush and have a baby."


It seems that Ella is really happy and that happiness makes her bloom even more each day. She said Alvin's a good boyfriend and I'm glad he is. If he really makes her happy, then I'm contented. :)

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