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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ella - Perfect Two Official Trailer

The movie looks good but it's obviously focused on the relationship of Vic and XXB's characters. Ella probably won't have much scenes in the movie...

Most movies have 2 trailers so I hope that if they do have a 2nd trailer for this movie, more scenes of Ella please! :) She only appeared twice and spoke two lines in this trailer...

Dialogue translation
Perfect Two Official Trailer 6 Dec 2011
Translation by sytwo @ VIC/ AF

Vic Chou Zaizai : Ah-B
Ella Chen: Ma-Niu
Xiaoxiao Bin: Bin-bin
Tang Zhen Ru: Ah-B’s uncle
Yang Mi: Fang Jia Wei (Ah-B/ Zaizai’s ex-wife)
Ding Sha-sha: Ma-niu’s (Ella) little sister

Vic Chou : Hey, Fang Jia Wei, where are you? Come back here!
Ella : She doesn’t want you anymore, you are still not giving up?
Ah-B’s (Vic) uncle : Have you started to paste the “Missing person” posters again?
Ella: I am not your wife, but I wash your clothes and cook for you every day. What are you treating me as? A maid?
Ma-niu’s (Ella) little sis : (crying) Good-hearted person will be blessed….

Yang Mi : It’s been a long time since we met. Have you been doing well?
Vic : You ask me if I am doing well?!
VO of Yang Mi : After I left you, I found out that I am pregnant. He is already 6 years old, his name is Bin-bin. Don’t worry, I did not tell him that you are his dad.

XXB (eating fried chicken at train station) : Hah, hah, hah!

XXB : Hey, Where do I sleep?
XXB : If you compare to my dad, who is more awesome?
Ah-B : Rubbish words (nonsense), of course it is ……
XXB : Have you sat on a Ferris Wheel?
Vic : Rubbish words (nonsense)!
XXB : Have you fallen in love before?
Vic: Rubbish words (nonsense)!

Vic : Do you know who I am?
XXB : You are Ah-B!
Vic : How about if I become your dad?
XXB : But you are not my real dad.

Yang Mi (XXB sleeping): I have told Bin-bin that you are his dad.

XXB: When I am in America, can I call you?
Vic: No, you cannot.
XXB : Then, next time, will you come and see me?
Vic : No, I won’t
XXB : But I really miss you la!
Vic : That’s enough!!

XXB (crying, holding drawing): This is my face, I want to give it to you as a gift. You do not miss me now, but if one day should you start to miss me, you still can see my face.
Vic : I do not want to see your face.

XXB : (shouting) Ah-B, jiayou !!!!
(Ah-B’s motorbike crashes)
XXB : Mommy says a rainbow is a half-circle. Two rainbows make a complete circle and it means unity. Until the day there are two rainbows in the sky, I can be united with my daddy.

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