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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Selina's Message: Finally, I'm getting married!

Hi everyone! I'm Selina! Finally, I'm getting married! Why did I say that I'm getting married? It's because Ah Diong has already paid the deposit for the banquet, the invitation cards are also printed, thus, it's certain that I'm getting married. It will be on my birthday this year, 31 October 2011! It's still 2 months away, I feel a lil nervous as my movements are still restricted, my legs get easily swollen when I stand too long, then it itches and tightens. But I'm still having hope, having hope that within these 2 months, I'll be able to improve vastly. I feel excited too, because this is my dream ever since the day I was born. I feel worried too, because it's been a long time since I had to face such big crowds. Hmmm.. I'm crying now and Ah Diong just teared too. Lastly, as I do not want you guys to be envious that I sang a song for Ah Diong, I'm gonna sing a song for you too!

It is confirmed that I'll be getting married, getting married!

It will be on my birthday this year, 31 October!

I will continue to work hard, work hard on my physiotherapy, I wanna be a happy October bride, a happy October bride! Bye bye!

credits: tohebe@tumblr


  1. Selina, I'm sure you'll be the most beautiful bride!!!

  2. How exciting for Selina! ^__^ I'm very happy for her!