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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Next Magazine Awards Top Ten Idol: S.H.E

SHE reunites fro the first time!!! Though it is only in audio ;)

S.H.E obtained the Top Ten artistes.

They made an audio clip to thank everyone! OMGGGG S.H.E REUNITE!! EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS!! <3

S.H.E: Hello everyone! We are S.H.E!

Ella: The 3 of us has gathered together again! Although it’s through audio only, and we can’t be there personally to thank everyone, we’re very happy to be able to achieve this award. We would like to thank all the media & fans’ support, allowing us to be the Top 10 idol! Are we the first? Or one of them? Oh is one of them. hahaha

Selina: Yeah we’re one of them, but in our hearts we are the champion!

Ella: Hey! Selina is here! C’mon, speak more! Everyone missed you so much!

Selina: Hi! Thank you guys! I miss you guys too! Happy that we can still attain this award.

Ella: Eh? Hebe’s not here, but Tien Fu Zhen is here!

Hebe: Yes! Thank you for your support! Selina is now working very hard on her physiotherapy, and also scratching herself.

Selina: It really itches

Hebe: Yeah.. she really had a hard time! We will work hard in our own aspects and hope to reunite again as S.H.E!

Ella: Okay that was Hebe (I think she contradicted herself earlier. hahaha) Hebe’s good friend, Tien Fu Zhen, will be releasing her 2nd album soon. Hope that she can become one of the top ten idols too in the near future. Everyone please show your support! Her new album is really awesome!!! Thank you everyone!


 credits: tohebe@tumblr

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