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Saturday, June 19, 2010

S.H.E celebrates Ella's birthday in US + Hebe's blog msg

Translated by wyn0602 @

加滑!生日快樂! 三人趕在6.18結束之前相聚慶生。 超開心! 加滑之前在開心渡假,我們已經跟她分享微博這玩意兒了,也請她也要開。她答應囉!大家敬請期待! bye了~我要去跟加滑、老婆喝香檳了!

Jia Hua! Happy Birthday! The three of us rushed to meet up to celebrate her birthday before June 18 ended. So happy! When Jia Hua went on her happy vacation earlier, we have already shared the idea of the micro-blog with her. We also asked her to open one and she agreed!!! Everyone can look forward to this! Bye! I have to go and drink champagne with Jia Hua and Laopo now!

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