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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chun mentioned Ella during the Ponds Event in GuangZhou

Translated by minchong92 @

On June 27th when Wu Chun was in Guangzhou interviewing with reporters, he brought up the rumors he had previously had with S.H.E's Ella. Wu Chun graciously admitted that Ella is his closest friend in the entertainment circle. He also stated that he would recommend to her the PONDs products he sponsored. Ella, who has an outgoing personality, has many good male friends in the entertainment circle. But Wu Chun's preference and care towards Ella can be considered one of a kind.

A different translation:

Translated by babyval22 @

The other day when he was in Guangzhou, Wu Zun took the initiative and mentioned about the person who has ever has rumours with him, his senior, S.H.E Ella. Wu Zun admits openly that Ella is one of his best friends in the entertainment circle. He even claimed that he wants to recommend the product that he's endorsing, Pond's product to her. Ella, whose character is loud and animated, has many male good friends in the entertainment circle. However, it can be seen that Wu Zun's preference and care for her is unusual(i have no idea if one of a kind or unusual is a better word for 非同一般).

News Clip:
credits: ChunElla1810

Translated by babyval22 @

Translations start from 27sec

Chun: Among all those that i worked with? It should be S.H.E Ella ba. Right. You can't tell right? That's right ar, because she, because that time we worked together, and then the both of us will frequently... for example, we're from the same company, and then i'll often hear her talk about her buying...buying what cosmetic or skin care product, these sort of things.. right..


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