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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ella's Msg: In time to say Thank You

Translation by chilipadi @

In time to say Thank you

Hello everyone. How are you?
I am now in the States, and it's still 18th.
So I am still in time to say thank you to everyone.
I know along of fans have to time and effort to create many innovative presents for me.
Or have donations receipts as presents.
Although I may have not receive all the presents but I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you everyone for loving me, for making the efforts, I am truly touched.
Recently, I think many people should know what happen to my Grandpa.
Because of running up and down to the hospital, some thoughts struck me.
Because of who I am, I have earned alot of money, I can afford to let my grandpa stay in single room, hire private nurse and provide the best care for him.
I am really happy that I can work in this industry
Watching my Grandpa fighting very hard with the disease everyday
There is nothing in life to dispute about, nothing that cannot be let go
All of us came this this earth with nothing
and when we leave, we cannot take anything along with us
Can be put to rest in the coffin of (I will use cremation) is a good memory in this life
What I am trying to say is that the best memories of my life is to all the work and happenings in the entertainment industry
I love my family, my two sisters, I love my friends and the friends that love me too
I also love all of you
This Birthday has been unique. I celebrated it for 48 hrs
I am going to make a wish here
1) I wish that Grandpa gets well soon hope that he can quickly go back to his warm and familiar home
2) I wish peace, happiness and health to all the people I love and the people that love me
3) I wish that all my wishes can come true

Thank you everyone

Happy Birthday to me...


OMG. I missed Ella so much~ And finally she blogged!!!

I feel sad that her Grandpa is still sick. I do hope he gets well soon.

Baobei, happy birthday!!! I hope that all your wishes will come true!

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  1. I live in Philadelphia, how I wish that I can go to New York...!!!!
    Happy birthday Ella! Love you and chun