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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

S.H.E Goes to the US, Ella Tries Her Luck On Her Birthday

S.H.E Goes to the US, Ella Tries Her Luck On Her Birthday
Source: NowNews
Translated by: KAY @
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After a vacation in Bali Island, S.H.E flied to Connecticut, USA for their concert. Ella and the crew arrived there a day early. Ella specially went into the casino to try her luck, she even told the dealer: "Be nice to me. Today is my birthday." But in the end she lost more than 3000 dollars. She stopped immediately and went to enjoy seafood in a lobster restaurant.

Because the casino isn't far away from Boston, which produces seafood in abundance, birthday girl Ella and her colleagues ordered a lobster meal right away, plus raw oysters and crab legs later on. Ella joked: "I ate about 6 or 7 raw oysters, they're really delicious."

Selina and Hebe arrived at the hotel at 11PM-ish. After they dropped their luggage, they ran to the room across Ella's and ordered three bottles of champagne and cake, ready to give Ella a surprise. In fact, Ella had been waiting for them to come already. She didn't dare to move nor take a shower, afraid when Selina and Hebe come, she won't be there.

Ella once complained in her heart: "Really waited for a long time, how come they still didn't come? Already took this long to fly to America and won't even come to say happy birthday to me." At the end, the three celebrated happily before 12AM. Ella's birthday wish this year is very practical: one, hope her grandpa can get better and return home really soon; two, hope everyone around her is in good health and is safe; three, hope the two wishes she made previously come true.

Fans also gave their blessing to Ella. Besides giving Ella a birthday cake they made and donation receipts, fan club also paid billboards in Taipei and Shi Lin night street to celebrate birthday for Ella. As for this, Ella said: "This year's birthday is very special, I celebrated it for 48 hours. Thank you all's caring and also thank you for loving me, I'm really touched."

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