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Saturday, June 19, 2010

[20.06.10] Ella updates her Micro-Blog


剪刀! (Scissors!)

石頭! (Stone!)


讚! (Approve)


真面目!啊~~~~~~出現了啦! (True! Ah~~~~~~ There it is!)
Quote's Hebe's message: "老婆在教加滑使用微博! 而我一定要讓加滑露面,而不只是手腳一直say hi!" (I really don't get what H said but I think she said Wife/S is teaching Ella how to use Micro-Blog. Then Hebe said to Ella that she must post picture of her face not just hands and feet.)

clean的指甲,開心!clean clean!! (clean fingernails, happy! clean clean!!!)

Ella's Message:

沒錯,白邊out! //@田喜碧Hebe:指甲剪乾淨的人最棒了! 大家都要這樣喔!要慎防白邊! 白邊是我們的敵人! 殺它個片甲不留!
(Now this one, I can't really understand what she said. But it has something to do with her nails being clean. LOL..)

taken from Ella's Micro-Blog:

Since Ella only have short messages, I tried doing rough trans of them. :D

Ella is so cute! I'm glad she finally updated her blog. Hahaha! I'm gonna reply to her posts now. X)

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