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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wu Zun Supports Ethan Ruan: We Have Different Markets

Wu Zun Supports Ethan Ruan: We Have Different Markets

Friday, April 23, 2010
Source: Oriental Daily
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Wu Zun attended the opening ceremony of Alfred Dunhill Hong Kong Home in Hong Kong. He returned to Taiwan yesterday. Many guests attended to the ceremony including Simon Yam and William Chan, etc. There were more than hundreds of fans already waiting for the arrival of their idol Wu Zun. Streets, bridges, and roads were crowded with fans. Around 8:10PM, Wu Zun finally arrived in the latest designs of Alfred Dunhill, and his fans kept screaming in high pitch. Some fans even leaned on the road signs to take pictures and didn't care about cars passing by.

Wu Zun praised the brand for being very generous in his so-so Cantonese, saying they gave him new outfits. He also remembered he and his dad went to shop in the brand's retail store. Asked did he buy clothes for his dad, he said: "I will share with him. We have similar bodies, he wears my clothes sometimes. (He fits? You're muscular) Daddy has muscle, too. His chest is bigger, because I don't have time to work out, he work out 3 or 4 days every week."

Wu Zun also disclosed he's looking at scripts and will film new commercials and dramas. As for Ethan Ruan is also popular in Hong Kong, whether he's afraid Ethan is stealing his limelight, Wu Zun said: "We have our own market, it's a good thing. We're both hardworking, should support him. (Did you watch 'Monga'?) Yes, when we met up last time, we said we will watch each other's movie." In addition, he and his company also donated for victims who are suffering from the earthquake in Qinghai. He will definitely attend to the relief event on the 26th if he's free.

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