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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ella feels shy watching Quan and Rui Xi's "monster kiss"

credits: chunella23
uploaded by: kimuchi08

Ella is so cute when they showed the clip from Hana Kimi where RX hugged Quan and the monster kiss scene! Hahaha! I think she was really shy because the fans were like shouting so loudly and she's not even looking at the screen! Oh Baobei! She was even telling them to change the channel. LOL.

in below video, they are showing past drama that SHE has starred in. in the later part of the video, Ella seems to be really embrassed, looks like they were playing kissing sceens from her prior drama and Ella started shouting to change the channel

thanks to Downwithloveella @ Ella AF

One blogger said that Ella was shy turned away just when they palyed the kissing scenes from Hana Kimi....

thanks to ellaholic @ Ella AF

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