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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Selina Wants More Morphine to Relieve From Pain

Selina Wants More Morphine to Relieve From Pain

PhotobucketSelina Ren @ S.H.E celebrated her 29th birthday at the hospital today. Good sisters Hebe and Ella originally planned to celebrate with the injured "lao po" [wife], but because Selina seemed to be having a fever today, the reunion is forced to canceled.

Doctors expressed having a light fever is normal during the recovering process. These two weeks are the key observation period.

Besides a fever, it's known Selina is actually not in a stable condition. A staff from the hospital disclosed there is blood leaking due to her injuries. "She is wearing protection clothing, and blood leaks out often from the inside," the staff said, "She is definitely in great pain, even when she gets painkiller injections."

In a letter written by Selina's fiance Richard Chang, it is confirmed Selina is currently experience the worst pain ever. "When she could not bare pain, she would cry, shiver, get mad, and complain," Richard wrote, "Then she would comfort herself in tears, 'I will be unconscious soon.' " He also disclosed Selina would often demand additional dose of morphine to relieve from pain.

PhotobucketGood sisters Ella and Hebe plan to visit Selina on another day. Ella posted the birthday cake they bought for Selina on Weibo and said, "Hope you recover quickly, and bring us another crazy birthday party!...Wife, really never thought I would love you this much!"

Fans all expressed their blessings to Selina. Some made paper cranes, birthday cards, and even created videos for their injured idol. Although she might not see everything others have done for her, but Selina must have felt the love coming from everyone these days.

Source: UDN, 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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