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Monday, October 25, 2010

Debridement Surgery Selina Awakes in Tears after 5 Hours

Debridement Surgery Selina Awakes in Tears after 5 Hours

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Selina burned while filming, since returning from Shanghai to Taiwan on a special flight the night before, yesterday performed a 5 hour debridement surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Ren’s father Ren Ming Ting says, his daughter is actually more optimistic and courageous than they had thought.

Since 9:00am morning Selina was operated to remove the damaged skin tissues, than placed with the artificial until completion at 2:00pm in the afternoon, the surgery was successful, she regained consciousness by 3:00pm in the afternoon, Ren Ba says; “Xuan Xuan’s eyes were in tears, mood was a bit emotional, it hurts, but she can bear it, really makes people feel dismayed.” Because of the anesthesia, Selina was sleeping most of the time.

In fact Ren Ba was busy all night, early yesterday morning he went to keep watch at the hospital. He wrote on the site of his feelings: “After 3 days of painful suffering, seeing my precious’s whole body wrapped in gauze brave and strong. Ren Ma has also brought along past days of collection of all friends’ care and warmth to her. Next days to come, it’s hard to even think about it. But precious you’re not alone. Love you!”

Selina’s Fiancé Chang Cheng Zhong Yesterday Evening Visits at 7:00pm, No Comment.

PhotobucketThey returned to Taiwan within the crucial golden 72 hours, performed surgery, next Selina will go through 2-3 weeks of recuperation, then to determine the healing of the skin grafting, plastic surgery and other follow-up treatment and rehabilitation time. During this time, HIM general manager He Yan Ling says to avoid infection, have declined all visitors to family only, so Ella & Hebe her two good sisters will not visit the isolation ward in the meantime; to prevent infection and cause emotion to Selina.

PhotobucketThere have been many rumours online; there are claims to be witnesses’ re-enactments of the explosive scene, pointing out Selina repeatedly requested assurance “must be safe”. He Yan Ling points: “In the contract, there are clauses of not necessary to have the artists to personally take part in the danger scenes, if Selina thought it wasn’t possible, she won’t do it, but at this time we are still waiting for the filming crew’s statement.”

Not able to see her good sister, Hebe wrote online “Wifey, I want to hug you”, Ella wrote: “Does it hurt, at this moment my heart shatters, your big tear drops keep dropping, but you didn’t forget to be courageous. Princess Selina, you’ve been injured, you are still my Princess.”

Including November 6th the beginning of the Flower Expo function, it will be carried on by the 2. Hao Lung Bin said yesterday, SHE’s voice and reputation is already the expo’s favourite, Selina is forever the flower expo’s goodwill ambassador, spokesperson, under any circumstances will not affect her endorsement.

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