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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goo Hye Sun Knows Which Part of Wu Zun is the Most Robust

Goo Hye Sun Knows Which Part of Wu Zun is the Most Robust

PhotobucketIn GTV-Comic Ritz's idol drama, Taiwanese version of "Absolute Boyfriend," Wu Zun has to wear a tight white body suit in order to play a perfect robot boyfriend. His body shape is clearly visible. Once praised Wu Zun's muscular body, female lead of the drama, Korean actress Goo Hye Sun was asked what is the most robust from Wu Zun. She blushed and just laughed, didn't know how to answer. Wu Zun jumped in to help her out from the embarrassing situation: "You don't have to answer this question."

PhotobucketOn the set, the leads perform with their native language. Goo says her lines in Korean and Wu Zun says his in Mandarin. Wu Zun disclosed he learned some Korean from Goo right away. "I learned 'a-lah-so' (I know) and 'ken-chia-nai' (it's okay)," he said. Language barrier is quite a problem for them and the two disclosed they know when to say their lines based on each other's body language. But it doesn't work all the time. For an example, during the shooting of several scenes, they had already said their lines but still didn't hear the director say 'cut'---in fact, they didn't know their shot is already over. "I think it only happens in the beginning of shooting. Then our chemistry will get better over time," Wu Zun expressed. "It was a little messed up, but really fun," Goo said.

Source: NowNews, Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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