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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Selina Ren Has Returned Taiwan For Treatment

Selina Ren Has Returned Taiwan For Treatment

S.H.E's Selina Ren got into an explosive accident recently in Shanghai during shooting of new drama and suffered a 3rd degree burn. She has returned Taiwan last night by a SOS special plane and transferred to Changgeng Hospital safely.

PhotobucketIn order to prevent reporters from interrupting the transfer process, Selina's record company HIM notified reporters a press conference at 6:30PM in Shanghai, but at the same time Selina was already on the way to the airport. The same day around 11:30PM, Selina's dad held a press conference, expressing his thank to everyone's concern. He said with tears: "If possible, I'm willing to use my body to take in all the pain for Xuan Xuan [Selina's Chinese name is Ren Jia Xuan]."

Selina was on a stretcher and her body was covered up with a green blanket when she was brought down from the plane. It's known her hair is shaved off and she has to wear protective clothing. About 10 staff from her company were with her and they held up umbrellas to block reporters' cameras.

HIM's General Manager Linda He expressed Selina's dad and fiance met Selina the first time after the accident on the plane. Selina cried happily when she saw her family. Linda hopes Selina can get the best treatment to recover soon, and hopes the media can give them some space.

PhotobucketIn addition, pictures and info of before-accident are circulating on the internet. Fans of male lead Yu Hao Ming, who actually suffered a greater damage from the accident, visited the shooting set that day and took pictures of the leads [above]. It's known Selina was nervous and scared about shooting the explosive scene and asked about its safety many times. Yu was also feeling nervous about the scene and hoped everything will be okay. Unfortunately, an accident still occurred out of expectation. Yu immediately ran to Selina to protect her, but Selina was still burned, and kept shouting "very hot! it's so painful!." Some staff kept pouring water on her and because there wasn't enough time to call the ambulance, Selina was sent to the hospital by bicycle.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


So they really shaved her hair. :( Poor Nana. Though I'm glad that she finally met her parents and fiance. She must be so happy to see them.

I respect Yu Hao Ming for being brave and saving Selina. I hope both of them get fast recovery.

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